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Maryland's Most Wanted Spammers

This web page is dedicated to spammers operating in home sweet Maryland. Don't crap in MY back yard!

Everything printed here is true, to the best of my knowledge and research. It was gathered from public records and Google search.

Latest spammer:, 2005 October 9

1: Maryland Internet Marketing LLC aka George Alan Moore Jr aka Dr. Fatburn

2003/05/20: The founding member of this spam page has graduated to my former spammers page! Hopefully he's gone back to autograph reselling or some other potentially respectable line of work.

2004/10/28: George and I have a chapter in the book Spam Kings.

2: Peter Schroebel, aka Schroebel Mechanical Service, aka SMS Online, aka E-Annix, aka NasHost, aka UPGNetwork, aka, aka

316 Broadwood Dr, Rockville MD 20851-1130
451 N Hungerford Dr #297, Rockville MD 20850
PO Box 404, Rockville MD 20848-0404
301-340-0351, 301-340-2490, fax
  • Usenet discussions about Peter on NANAE
  • SpamHaus record (Spammer Block List)
  • SPEWS entry (Spam Prevention Early Warning System)
  • In the past few years, Peter and I have traded numerous emails and phone calls, all of which were fairly cordial. He seems like a nice enough fellow. Except for the spam.

    I don't know if Peter himself is a spammer, but he is definitely an accomplice to spam. SMS provides web sites which allow spammers to remain in business when a more reputable ISP would shut them down.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    In August 2003 Peter claimed that he booted all of his spammers and wanted to be removed from blocklists. Unfortunately, by October his sites were spamming again. Peter was again spam-free for most of 2004, but sadly it didn't last. It's a shame.

    3: Global Innovations Inc, aka, aka GLBI, aka Shaman Exchange Inc

    4650 Wedgewood Blvd #107, Frederick, MD 21703
    301-668-6350, fax
  • SpamHaus record Spammer Block List
  • SPEWS record and here's another
  • Joe Job attack against SoftRock Software company
  • recently reported spams from Globali
  • 4650 Wedgewood is apparently a busy little nest. Several other businesses have the exact same address: JSP USA Inc, Commonwealth Door & Hardware, Fastenal Co, InterVid NA. I wonder if they know their roommate is a spammer.

    It appears that Global Entertainment Solutions (aka GESCenter, aka GBLI) was/is a previous/alternate incarnation of Global Innovations. Same affinity for spammers.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    4: Doohan Kwak, aka, aka, aka WellTech Enterprises

    8533 Ashwood Dr, Capitol Heights, MD 20743
    11900 Forst Dr, Bowie, MD 20720
    PO Box 911, Lanahm, MD 20703
    PO Box 10485, Rockville, MD 20849
    301-350-9287, 301-324-7400, 301-803-6937, fax

    Doohan apparently discovered that spam doesn't pay. He's now a former spammer.

    5: Jay Updike, aka

    PO Box 901, Columbia, MD 21044
    410-638-5083, fax
  • Recently reported spams from
  • Dear Mr Updike, you have picked the wrong neighbor to spam.

    Lesser Spammers
    Timothy Clomer, aka Coolmarketer: disappeared
    FastBreakUSA, aka Internet Cash Org: disappeared, aka Dale Sutcliffe: abandoned his Maryland mailbox and fled to another state. I attempted to call Dale Sutcliffe at the phone number listed in his domain registration. The person who answered had never heard of him (or VetFriends), so it looks like he's using forgery to hide his contact information.

    On 2002/10/01 my home state of Maryland enacted a law banning fraudulent commercial email. I'm glad they did this, even though the law as written is rather a pain to use. Sadly, even this defective little law has been superceded by the weak federal CAN-SPAM Act.

    If you find other spammers living in Maryland, let me know and I'll post them here. See also the Contact list, although it appears to be a few years out-of-date.

    Frankie's Anti-Spam FAQ:

    Verifiable Voting in Maryland

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