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Frankie's Comic Library

Most of these books are still available from any comic store (using the Diamond Comics Star System) or from any bookstore using ISBN. Please email me with link suggestions or corrections.

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Shelf 1: Recommended Reading

Scott McCloud Understanding Comics 0-06097625-X
Sarah Dyer, et al Action Girl -na-
Matt Groening Big Book of Hell 0-679-72759-0
Matt Groening Binky's Guide to Love 0-06-095078-1
Berke Breathed Bloom County: Classics of Western Literature 1986-1989 0-316-10754-9
Gary Larson Prehistory of the Far Side 0-8362-1851-5
Bill Watterson Authoritative Calvin & Hobbes 0-8362-1822-1
Scott Adams Dilbert: It's Obvious You Won't Survive by Your Wits Alone 0-8362-0415-8
Ted Rall All the Rules Have Changed 0-89620-119-8
Ted Rall The Worst Thing I've Ever Done 1-56163-157-4
Edward Gorey Amphigorey 0-399-50433-8
Edward Gorey Amphigorey Also 0-15-605672-0
Larry Gonick Cartoon History of the Universe 0-385-26520-4
Larry Gonick Cartoon Guide to Statistics 0-06-273102-5
Bronwyn Carlton, et al Big Book of Death 1-56389-166-2
Jan Brunvald, et al Big Book of Urban Legends 1-56389-165-4
Doug Moench, et al Big Book of Conspiracies 1-56389-186-7
Evan Dorkin Fun with Milk and Cheese -na-
Marc Hempel Gregory -na-
Kyle Baker Why I Hate Saturn -na-
Kyle Baker The Cowboy Wally Show 1-56924-834-6
Steve & Cindy Vance Simpsons Comics Extravaganza 0-9642999-0-9
James O'Barr The Crow 0-87816-221-6
Milligan & Johnson Aliens: Sacrifice -na-
Veitch & Kennedy Star Wars: Dark Empire -na-
Ben Edlund Tick Omnibus -na-
Hewlett & Martin Tank Girl 1-878574-51-5
Arcudi & Mahnke The Mask 1-878574-50-7
J.R.R. Tolkien The Hobbit 0-345-36858-4
Herman Mellville Moby Dick 0-425-12023-6
Paul Auster City of Glass 0-380-77108-X
Jim Ottaviani Two-Fisted Science 0-9660106-0-4
Bryan Talbot Tale of One Bad Rat 1-56971-077-5
Wojnarowicz and Romberger Seven Miles a Second 1-56389-247-2
Howard Cruse Stuck Rubber Baby 1-56389-255-3
Andrew Vachss Hard Looks 1-56971-209-3
Ho Che Anderson King 1-56097-112-6
Joe Kubert Fax from Sarajevo
Joe Sacco Palestine 1-15097-150-9
Art Spiegelman Maus 0-394-74723-2
Art Spiegelman Maus II 0-679-72977-1

Shelf 2: The Big Authors of 1985-95

Alan Moore V for Vendetta 0-930289-52-8
Alan Moore Watchmen 0-930289-23-4
Alan Moore Saga of the Swamp Thing 0-930289-22-6
Alan Moore Swamp Thing: Love & Death 0-930289-54-4
Alan Moore A Small Killing 1-878574-45-0
Alan Moore From Hell need the TPB
Alan Moore Miracleman: A Dream of Flying 0-913035-61-0
Alan Moore Miracleman: Red King Syndrome need the TPB
Alan Moore Miracleman: Olympus 1-56060-080-2
Neil Gaiman, et al Miracleman: Apocrypha ?-?-?
Neil Gaiman Miracleman: Golden Age ?-?-?
Neil Gaiman Violent Cases -na-
Neil Gaiman Mr. Punch 1-56389-181-6
Neil Gaiman Signal to Noise 0-56971-144-5
Neil Gaiman Black Orchid 0-930289-55-2
Neil Gaiman Books of Magic 1-56389-082-8
Neil Gaiman Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes 1-56389-011-9
Neil Gaiman Sandman: Doll's House 0-930289-59-5
Neil Gaiman Sandman: Dream Country 1-56389-016-?
Neil Gaiman Sandman: A Game of You 1-56389-089-5
Neil Gaiman Sandman: Season of Mists 1-56389-041-0
Neil Gaiman Sandman: Fables & Reflections 1-56389-105-0
Neil Gaiman Sandman: Brief Lives 1-56389-138-7
Neil Gaiman Sandman: Worlds' End 1-56389-171-9
Neil Gaiman Sandman: The Kindly Ones 1-56389-205-7
Neil Gaiman Sandman: The Wake 1-56389-279-0
Neil Gaiman Death: the High Cost of Living 1-56389-133-6
Neil Gaiman Death: the Time of Your Life 1-56389-333-9
Neil Gaiman Emperor Heliogabolus -na-
Dave Sim Cerebus 0-919359-08-6
Dave Sim High Society 0-919359-07-8
Dave Sim Church & State I 0-919359-08-6
Dave Sim Church & State II 0-919359-09-4
Dave Sim Jaka's Story 0-919359-12-4
Dave Sim Melmoth 0-919359-10-8
Dave Sim Flight 0-919359-13-2
Dave Sim Women 0-919359-14-0
Dave Sim Reads 0-919359-15-9
Dave Sim Minds 0-919359-16-7
Frank Miller Ronin 0-930289-21-8
Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns 0-930289-13-7
Frank Miller Batman: Year One ?-?-?
Frank Miller Daredevil: Born Again (TPB) 0-87135-297-4
Frank Miller Sin City 1-878574-59-0
Frank Miller Give Me Liberty 1-56971-067-8
Frank Miller Hard Boiled 1-878574-58-2
Matt Wagner Mage: the Hero Discovered 0-89865-465-3
Matt Wagner Grendel: Devil by the Deed 0-938965-01-8
Matt Wagner Grendel: Devil's Legacy 0-938965-07-7
Matt Wagner Grendel: War Child 1-878574-89-2

Shelf 3: Manga and some Superheroes

Yukinobu Hoshino 2001 Nights 1-56931-103-X
Yukinobu Hoshino 2001 Nights: Journey Beyond Tomorrow 1-56931-102-1
Yukinobu Hoshino 2001 Nights: Children of Earth 1-56931-125-0
Keiji Nakazawa Barefoot Gen
Keiji Nakazawa Barefoot Gen: the Day After
Osamu Tezuka Adolf: Tale of the 20th Century 1-56931-058-0
Osamu Tezuka Adolf: Exile in Japan 1-56931-107-2
Osamu Tezuka Adolf: The Half-Aryan 1-56931-132-3
Osamu Tezuka Adolf: Days of Infamy 1-56931-124-2
Osamu Tezuka Adolf: 1945 and All That Remains 1-56931-162-5
Keiji Nakazawa Barefoot Gen 0-14-025125-1
Hayao Miyazaki Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind 1-56931-096-3
Hayao Miyazaki Nausicaa (collection 2) 1-56931-087-4
Hayao Miyazaki Nausicaa (collection 3) 1-56931-111-0
Hayao Miyazaki Nausicaa (collection 4) 1-56931-211-7
Yukito Kishiro Battle Angel Alita 1-56931-003-3
Yukito Kishiro Tears of an Angel 1-56931-049-1
Rumiko Takahashi Mermaid Forest 1-56931-047-5
Rumiko Takahashi Ranma 1/2 (volume 1) 0-929279-93-X
Rumiko Takahashi Ranma 1/2 (volume 2) 1-56931-016-5
Rumiko Takahashi Ranma 1/2 (volume 3) 1-56931-020-3
Koike & Ikegama Crying Freeman 1-56931-077-7
Koike & Ikegama Lone Wolf & Cub -na-
Buronson Fist of the North Star 1-56931-031-9
Masamune Shirow Appleseed: Promethean Challenge 1-56971-070-8
Masamune Shirow Appleseed: Prometheus Unbound 1-56971-071-6
W & R Pini ElfQuest: Fire & Flight 0-936861-16-9
Colleen Doran A Distant Soil: Immigrant Song 0-89865-514-5
James Owen Starchild: Awakenings -na-
Paul Chadwick Complete Concrete 1-56971-037-6
Paul Chadwick Concrete: Fragile Creatures 1-56971-022-8
Paul Chadwick Concrete: Think Like A Mountain 1-56971-176-3
Baron & Rude Nexus (volume 1) 1-878574-54-X
Baron & Rude Nexus (volume 2) 1-878574-80-9
Priest & Bright Quantum & Woody -na-
Mike Allredd Madman: Oddity Odyssey 0-87816-247-X
Scott McCloud Zot! (book 1) 0-87816-427-8
Scott McCloud New Adventures of Abraham Lincoln 1-887279-87-3
Busiek & Ross Marvels 0-7851-0049-0
Kurt Busiek Astro City 0-9653290-0-3
Kurt Busiek Astro City: Confessions
Bennet & Guinan Heartbreakers 1-887279-49-0
Mike Saenz Shatter 0-449-90288-9
Hernandez & Motter Return of Mr X 0-446-38698-7
Rick Veitch The One 0-9624864-0-X

Shelf 4: Masterpieces and Miscellany

Herge Tintin: The Seven Crystal Balls 0-316-35840-1
Herge Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun 0-316-35843-6
Will Eisner A Contract with God 0-87816-018-3
Will Eisner Invisible People 0-87816-207-0
Will Eisner, et al. Spirit -na-
Bill Gaines Tales from the Crypt -na-
Clive Barker The Life of Death 1-56060-145-0
C.S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters 0-8407-6261-5
Richard Wagner Ring of the Nibelung 1-56389-006-2
Dave Morice More Poetry Comics 1-55652-220-7
Grant Morrison Mystery Play 1-56389-189-1
Grant Morrison Doom Patrol 1-56389-034-8
Grant Morrison Animal Man 1-56389-005-4
Morrison & McKean Arkham Asylum 0-930289-56-0
Dave McKean Cages
Warren Ellis Transmetropolitan 1-56389-445-9
Jamie Delano Hellblazer: Original Sins 1-56389-052-6
Garth Ennis Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits 1-56389-150-6
Garth Ennis Preacher: Gone to Texas 1-56389-261-8
Garth Ennis Troubled Souls 0-85386-174-X
DeMatteis & Muth The Compleat Moonshadow 1-56389-343-6
DeMatteis & Williams Blood, a Tale need the TPB
Peter Milligan Rogan Gosh 1-56389-143-3
George Pratt Enemy Ace: War Idyll 0-930289-78-1
MISCELLANEOUS (comedy, horror, drama)
Larry Marder Beanworld (book 1) 1-887245-00-6
Larry Marder Beanworld (book 2) 1-887245-01-4
Jeff Smith Bone: Out of Boneville 0-9636609-0-X
Jeff Smith Bone: The Great Cow Race 0-9636609-2-6
Jeff Smith Bone: Eyes of the Storm 0-9636609-3-4
Jeff Smith Bone: The Dragonslayer 0-888963-01-X
Jeff Smith Bone: Rockjaw
J Robinson & P Smith Leave it to Chance 1-887279-42-3
Rick Geary Cyberantics 1-878574-29-9
Steve Purcell Sam & Max: Surfin the Highway 1-56924-814-1
David Boswell Reid Fleming: World's Toughest Milkman 1-56060-107-8
Vance & Burr Kings in Disguise 0-87816-107-4
David Lapham Stray Bullets: Innocence of Nihilism 0-9653280-2-3
Terry Moore Strangers in Paradise -na-
Collins & Beatty The Files of Ms Tree 0-919359-05-1
Charles Vess Book of Ballads 0-9657769-0-5
Donna Barr Desert Peach: Beginnings 1-883847-13-3
Martin Wagner Collegiate Hepcats 0-9636660-0-2
Martin Wagner Hepcats: Snowblind 0-9636660-2-9
Peter Bagge The Bradleys 0-930193-89-X
Chester Brown Ed the Happy Clown 0-921451-08-3
Los Bros Hernandez Love and Rockets: Chelo's Burden 0-930193-25-3
Shannon Wheeler Too Much Coffee Man 1-56971-289-1

Shelf X: Upcoming Purchases

Edward Gorey Amphigorey Too HBJ
Larry Marder Beanworld book 3 Beanworld
Moore & Campbell From Hell Kitchen Sink
Paul Pope THB (book A) Horse Press
Alan Moore Ballad of Halo Jones Titan
Baron & Rude Nexus (original GN) Pacific / First
Evan Dorkin Hectic Planet Slave Labor
Scott McCloud Destroy! Eclipse
Frank Miller Elektra: Assassin (TPB) Marvel Epic
Walt Simonson Ballad of Beta Ray Bill (TPB) Marvel

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