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Frankie's Politics Page
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Dear Friend (survey series, parts 3 and 4)

2006 March 21 -

Dear Fellow Republican (part 2)

2006 March 1 - He likes me, he likes me not, he likes me, he likes me not...

Dear Fellow Republican

2006 February 3 - Ken Mehlman, you like me! You really like me!

Have a True Christmas

2005 December 4 - Jerry Falwell may as well dance around a burning pentagram in goatskin leggings, it'd be just as "Christian".

Unintelligent Design

2005 November 9 - Who created Creationism, and the death of logic

Top 10 Reasons SUVs Suck

2005 November 6 - Channeling the spirit of David Letterman, I say Oil Money Funds Terrorism.

It's the same it's the same in the whole wide world

2005 October 31 - Yes, I dressed that way just to keep them at bay. Did you?

We, the People

2005 July 28 - A good man did something, and evil didn't triumph, which is exactly how it's supposed to work.

Obligatory Review of Current Events

2005 July 13 - Maybe the folks from the Porter side will reply in my journal this time.

Please Don't Support Your Family!

2005 July 7 - Free malware removal makes baby Jesus cry.

Activist Judges and Humpty Dumpty

2005 June 24 - I hope that the folks who just removed several words from the Constitution have a great fall.

Neodemocracy on the rise (part 1)

2005 May 11 - Conservative columnist Steve Chapman has joined my bandwagon of support for the New Democratic Platform. The red states will vote for it, and the blue states will benefit: my NeoDem pledge.

Republican Party Census

2005 April 26 - My wife (the Democrat of our family) is on the Republican donors mailing list.

Bomb Voyage

2005 February 13 - Join the campaign to support the New Democratic Platform.

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