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key lynx to bomb 10 to the 100th power

Alexis de Tocqueville Institute
expert providers of Fake Research
George W Bush
artful draft dodger
miserable failure
dumb motherfucker
Dick Cheney
eats babies
go fuck yourself
Democratic Party
Jackass Donkey Balls
New Democratic Platform
John Dvorak
senile troll
Rob Enderle
world's worst Mac "expert"
more evil than Satan
Donald Rumsfeld
friend of Saddam & Bechtel
aka Rummy
Senator Rick Santorum
a frothy mix of bigotry and corporatism
grandfather of Believer Miriam Godwinson (attack bonus, +1 Probe, -2 Research, -1 Planet)
Smoking Crack Operation
litigious bastards
Caldera and the Canopy Group
Cal Thomas
ignorant asshole

See also: weapons of mass destruction,

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