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The official Terry LePore ballot designer fan page

My turn-ons are butterflies and registered voters.

Condolences to our dear loser

Cheers for the woman who elected a President by picking a bad layout for a document!

In the end, Bush v Gore was not decided by Nader's spoiler effect, or by Clinton's sleaze, or by Gore's stiffness, or by Bush's jovial goofiness. The most powerful job in the world was determined because Theresa (not Teresa) LePore thought she could do good   graphic   design, and she was wrong.

So who is this mysterious kingmaker, changing the world from her shadowy government bureaucracy? Has she seen any good movies lately? Is her marriage happy? America wants to know. America needs to know!

What we know about Theresa Ann Le Pore Lally


Fan mail for our girl

The Notorious PBC

The "About this page" FAQ

A few worried fans (mostly women) have emailed questions to me. Some of them desire Terry's undying love, others just her autograph. Either way, they have the same concerns, so here are the answers.

If you know more about Terry, please email me.

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