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Francis Uy

Frankie Say this Web Page is really old

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This page is still based on the original layout I wrote back in the days of Netscape 1.x and Mosaic. Feel free to send me redesign suggestions. -F.

FreeMasons Rule the Country

Join the fight against Spam

Just say no to spam (advertising via unsolicited junk email or automated Usenet postings). Ask your System Administrator to use SpamCop, SBL, and/or other filters to prevent spammers from abusing your service provider.

Spread Firefox

Stop that Hoax!

Here is a handy rule to follow whenever you receive an URGENT WARNING or other email chain letter:

Unless the message includes a reliable web address that verifies the claim,

Be warned that if you include me in any sort of mass email with an unverified story, I will do my level best to track down the source material and lambaste you if the tale is false. No exceptions! I blasted my own father in an email to his co-workers when he sent me some screed about Jane Fonda torturing POWs. See also the net.bullies list.

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