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Broad Alliance to Rescue Dr Wang Bingzhang - Caring About Political Prisoners in India, China, Malaysia, Taiwan & Hong Kong :
  Chinese Democracy and Justice Party, HK Branch
  China Democracy Party, Hong Kong Branch
  China Liberal Democractic Party, Hong Kong Branch
  China Labour Party, Hong Kong Branch
  China Social Democractic Party, HK Branch
  April Fifth Action, Hong Kong
  China Democratic United Front, HK Branch
  Yau Tsim Mong Mutual Development Centre, HK
Patron: Margaret TING Tao
Spokesmen: LUK Kit, LAU San-ching, NG Kwok-hung
Webmaster: Anthony C.H. CHUA

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 Member of 成員

全球總發言人 Overall Global Spokesman :
Mr. ___

各地營救王炳章大聯盟 - 關心印中馬臺港政治犯 :
  中國民主正義黨 香港分部
  中國民主黨 香港分部
  中國自由民主黨 香港分部
  中國工黨 香港分部
  中國社會民主黨 香港分部
  香港 四五行動
  中國民主聯合陣線 香港分部
  香港 油尖旺互助發展中心

相關 : 王炳章救援工作委员会
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2003.10.29 關於其弟 王炳章 被單獨關狎 >
031029 on her brother's solitary confinement >
<<< 精華 Highlights : >>>

< 王炳章醫生 (隨意關狎+國安法關狎 2002-)
< Dr. Wang Bingzhang (Arbitrary Detention + National Security Law Detention 2002-)
< 2003.10.29
< 王炳章醫生大姊王金環在港記者招待會發言片段關於其弟被單獨關狎(國語;本網頁自動播)
< Part of Dr. Wang Bingzhang eldest sister Wang Jinhuan's speech on her brother's solitary confinement in Guangdong jail (in Mandarin; automatically played on this webpage)

蔡添強 (國安法關狎 2001-2003) >
Tian Chua (ISA Detention 2001-2003) >
"I walked out of the ISA Detention Camp >
like a Santa Claus, carrying a 5kg bag full >
of cards from NGOs" >
蔡添強 Tian Chua >
AIHK Forum 2003.10.25 >
at Hughes Room, FCC, HK >

曾德成 (公安法關狎 1967) >
Tsang Tak-shing (Public >
Order Law Detention 1967) >
曾德成 TSANG Tak-shing, a patriotic >
student who distributed leaflets against >
"Colonial Education" in St. Paul's College, >
was beaten by the police, and sentenced >
in 1967 by a magistrate to 2 years in jail. >
張家偉(2000)<香港六七暴動內情>頁152-153 >
Cheung Ka-wai (2000) >
{Inside Story of 1967 Riot in HK} p.152-153 >

< 按圖聽其他講者﹐例如﹕王炳章醫生細妹王梅發言片段關於聯合國隨意關狎組和美國國會中國問題執行組的宣言(英語)
< Press the photo to listen to other speakers e.g. Dr. Wang Bingzhang youngest sister Wang Mei on Declarations by UNHCHR Arbitrary Detention Working Group and US Congressional Executive Committee on China (in English)

< 更多 印中馬臺港 政治犯個案 和 記者招待會 / 遊行 / 集會 / 闖關爭回鄉權 ...
< More Political Prisoners Cases in India, China, Malaysia, Taiwan & HK and Press Conferences / Rallies / Assemblies / Entering China to Quest for the "Right to Return Home" ...
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最新動態 Latest Activities

New 新 2003.10.28 誠邀 閣下參加學術性公開論壇 "中國近期法制的改善﹕兼談王炳章案件的問題"﹐2003.10.28﹐3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.﹐香港城市大學 鄭翼之樓 CY303 室 (3/F)﹐主持﹕香港中文大學王友金教授﹐講者﹕香港城市大學岳經綸博士﹐王炳章醫生妹妹王梅﹐ ...
All are cordially invited to an Academic Open Forum "Recent Improvements in the Chinese Legal System: Also On the Question of Dr. WANG Bingzhang's Case", chaired by CUHK Prof. ONG Yew-kim, on 2003.10.28 at 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m., in Room CY303 (3/F) Cheng Yick-chi Bldg, City University of Hong Kong. Speakers : CityU Dr NGOK King-lun, Dr. WANG Bingzhang's sister Ms WANG Mei, ... (to be updated with more speaker(s) when confirmation(s) received. See 最新動態 Latest Activities in . Sorry for the short notice because information of Ms WANG's actual arrival from Beijing was confirmed on Saturday).


2003.10.25 ___ will discuss Dr. Wang Bingbing's case.

過去的 最新動態 Latest Activities Archive

最新消息 Latest News

2003.10.25 中國國家主席胡錦濤昨日在澳洲國會發表演說,成為獲此禮遇的首名亞洲領袖,地位足可與美國總統喬治布殊匹敵。但在胡錦濤發表演說期間,有澳洲國會議手纏黑臂章,抗議中國禁政治犯,場外亦有藏獨分子及法輪功學員示,為胡錦濤的澳洲國會演說蒙上污點。(from 故應進一步改善法制.

2003.10.20 「神舟五號」征空榮歸顯示國力強大﹐可放心進一步改善法制.

2003.07.15 人权观察 Human Rights Watch issued e.g. Letter to Blair (Please [SEARCH] for "wang bingzhang").

2003.03.04 中國人權 Human Rights in China issued e.g. Other HR News (Please [SEARCH] for "wang bingzhang").

2003.02.10 美国国务院 US StateCouncil 030210 Statement

2003.02.10 中级法院 Intermediate Court 030210 判决书 Judgment

2002.08.23 國際特赦組織 Amnesty International AI INDEX: ASA 17/037/2002 23 August 2002

過去的 最新消息 Latest News Archive

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