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各地營救王炳章大聯盟 Broad Alliance to Rescue Dr Wang Bingzhang Member of 成員
- 關心印中馬臺港政治犯 Caring About Political Prisoners in India, China, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong
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印 India :
甘地 Gandhi
- 甘地非暴力苦行者形像的塑造 Making of Gandhi's Non-Violent Fakir Image
中 China :
孫中山倫敦蒙難 Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Kidnap in London
- 孫中山非暴力大元師形像的塑造 Making of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Non-Violent Generalissimo Image
蔣中正西安事變被軟禁 Chiang Kai-shek's House-Arrest After the Xian Incident
趙紫陽六四事件被軟禁 Zhao Ziyang's House-Arrest After the June 4 Incident
王炳章醫生越南蒙難 Dr. Wang Bingzhang's Kidnap in Vietnam
- 王炳章醫生非暴力良心犯形像的塑造 Making of Dr. Wang Bingzhang's Non-Violent Political Prisoner Image
- 030222 細妹王梅在港記招 Youngest Sister Wang Mei Press Conference in HK
- 031028 大姊王金環、王梅在港參加王炳章論壇 Eldest Sister Wang Jinhuan & Wang Mei attended Dr. Wang Bingzhang Forum in HK
- 031029 王金環、王梅在港記招 Wang Jinhuan & Wang Mei Press Conference in HK
馬 Malaysia :
蔡添強 Tian Chua
臺 Taiwan :
陳水扁 Chen Shui-bian
港 Hong Kong :
曾德成 TSANG Tak-shing 1967
古思堯 KOO Sze-Yiu
梁國雄(長毛) LEUNG Kwok-Hung (Long Hair)
法庭之友的狀書 Amicus Brief :
Hong Kong
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 - US Congressional-Executive Commission on China
 - UNHCHR Arbitrary Detention Working Group 聯合國隨意關狎組
 - 王炳章全球總發言人 Overall Global Spokesman (none yet)
 - 王炳章救援工作委员会
 - 王炳章論壇 Dr. Wang Bingzhang Forum
 - 孫中山傑出學人講座 Sun Yat-sen Distinguished Lecture
 - on Tian Chua of Malaysia 蔡添強
 - JudgeJudy
 - JudgeJoeBrown
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