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Inspiration About Us

Yogendra Bhatnagar

Yogendra maintains this ring of websites. The following websites are part of the ring

He is a student of Chettinad Vidyashram, Chennai, India. 

Contact :

Rajeev B Bhatnagar

Provides guidance on HRM, OB, Soft Skills. He is a management graduate and has over 25 years of work experience in HR. Yogendra is his son.


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Internet has enabled people to share a huge amount of information which was beyond imagination a few years back and most of it is free. Here we collect resources of interest to HR Professionals so that knowledge and practice in this important profession grows and grows and grows.


We thank HR Professionals who have shared their presentations & resources. Some of the above material is taken from postings in YahooGroups on HR where, as per rules, copyrighted material is not to be posted. Wherever required, we have taken permission of respective authors. However, if you notice that we have inadvertently not acknowledged your contribution or a violation of your copyright has occurred, please let us know. We would include the acknowledgement or if you prefer, delete the presentation. Contact: