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As A Man Thinketh , James Allen
This little volume partly launched the self-improvement industry and has influenced contemporary writers like Norman Vincent Peale and Tony Robbins. It encourages men & women to discover that "they themselves are the makers of themselves" by virtue of thoughts they choose & encourage. Mind is a master weaver. If they have till now woven ignorance and pain, they can now weave enlightenment and happiness. (Personal Change Management)
PDF file: 28 Pages, 314 KB

Instructions for Life by Dalai Lama - forwarded by Neeta Bhatnagar
There are 19 gems in this presentation which are attributed to the Dalai Lama. Each one of them can help improve our life a bit.
Presentation: 8 Slides, 101KB. Forwarded by: Ms. Neeta Bhatnagar. Email:

The Four Candles, Author Unknown
This is about the four very important things in life and identifies the one most important amongst them.
Presentation: 12 Slides, 241 KB

The Great Motivating Stories, Tarkesh Gupta
Tarkesh presents a collection of 33 stories which aim building character and attitude. He has decorated them also.
MS Word Document: 56 Pages, 371 KB

The Wood Cutter's Story, Author Unknown
This simple presentatuion reminds us about Steven R Covey's Seventh Habit of Highly Effective People.
Presentation: 5 Slides, 114 KB. Sent by Neeraj Narang

The Allegory Of The Frog, Author Unknown
This story is about which frog wins the race out of many and what makes the difference.
MS Word Document: 3 Pages, 88 KB

47 Ways To Put A Smile On Your Face, Peter Sun
Suggests 47 ways which can help us move towards our dreams. It also suggests some random acts of kindness which we can try. After downloading you will be required to unzip the file.
WinZip File: 182 KB

The Ant Philosophy, Author Unknown
This presenation is about four valuable lessons we can learn from ants.
Presentation: 6 Slides, 86 KB


Reap What You Sow , Anne Graham
Is there any effect of shutting out Religion and God? Well if anything could set you thinking then this piece will. Anne Graham,  the daughter of Mr. Billy Graham, an evangelist from the US,  made the  profound statement after the 9/11 attacks on the US. Amarjeet says "it got me thinking and I surely felt that no matter how busy we are, we could take a few minutes off from our busy schedules and ponder over what this attachment has to say." Dont miss this one!
Presentation:  26 Slides, 94 KB.
Sent by Amarjeet S Kudle

Living Life , Author Unknown
What has Life to offer us as we grow old? A lot of struggle! But when our Life ends, do you know what Questions GOD will ask you? This reminds you about what is really impoprtant in life.
Presentation: 21 Slides, 401 KB.
Sent by Vinod Unnikrishnan

Fun & Humor

Marriage , Author Unknown
Here is a snapshot of most the popular institution on this earth - marriage. Let me tell quitely tell you that Ambar got married two years back!
Presentation: 18 Slides, 102 KB.
Sent by Ambar Nanavaty

Corporate Lessons, Author Unknown
Three lessons from large corporations to help you survive change ( down-sizing )
Presentation: 7 Slides, 250 KB

Economics as per Corporates & Nations , Author Unknown
What will companies and nations do if they are given two cows?
Presentation: 16 Slides, 74 KB.
Sent by Neeraj Narang