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Introduction to HRM

Future of HR Profession , Dr. T V Rao
Famous presentation by famous DR. T V Rao. Dr. Rao emphasizes importance of HR Research. His words on the competencies future HR Managers will need should be the guiding principles for every HR professional in my opinion. Dr. Rao is the founder president of National HRD Network and Head of TV Rao Learning Systems. He is one of the guiding lights of HR movement in India
Presentation: 28 Slides, 326 KB

Employee Induction Manual: A Model - by Gagandeep Singh Bajwa
Here is a model Employee Induction Manual, also called Employee Handbook. Many fresh and not-so-fresh HR Professionals as well as new organizations keep requesting for samples. Mr. Gagandeep Singh Bajwa, an HR Executive, has been kind enough to share this one prepared by him.
MS Word Document: 12 pages, 73 KB. Author: by Gagandeep Singh Bajwa.  Email:

Smart HR Practices , Robert Ebers & Alyse Parise
Excellent presentation from Impletec, an HR consultancy organization. Outlines how HR Practices can build value for organizations and lists smart HR practices in areas like workplace design, communication, use of resources, rewards, recruitment. Impletec has expertise in these areas.
Presentation: 29 Slides, 825 KB

Nurturing Talent - The Subex Way, J M Prasad
Subex Systems, a software company, won " Organization with Innovative HR Practices" award at India HRD Congress in Feb 2002. Highlights of their HR Practices are contained in this brief and it can be a useful index of HR Practices you can try.
PDF file: 4 Pages, 26 KB

Value Addition Through HR, Author Unknown
General advice and good intentions.
Presentation: 16 Slides, 201 KB

Recruiting & Placement

Selection and Interviewing Skills, Jayesh and Aruna
This is a very good presentation on selection / recruitment with strong content on interviewing skills. Mr. Jayesh and Ms. Aruna are moderators of HRcommunity on YahooGroups.
Presentation: 78 Slides, 606 KB


Design of Training Programs , J. Sridhar
Gives outline contents of training programs / workshops on Job Analysis, Performance Appraisal, Creating Winning Teams, Effective Communication Skills, and Power to See Yourself.  The outlines are a good starting point for any HR Professional wanting to design a program on above topics. These programs are done by Millenniums, a management & executive search consultancy Presentation: 19 Slides, 124 KB

Games for HR
Contains literally hundreds of Games / Exercises / Handles on Human Relations / Interpersonal Relations. A few of them could be useful for trainers in corporate setup. This is the paper version of "The Improv Encyclopedia," dated July 2002. If it interests you, please visit
PDF file: 122 Pages, 227 KB

Managing Organizational Renewal

5 'S' Program - Sent by Gaurav Singh
Detailed presentation, ready for use to give training on the subject.
Presentation: 34 Slides, 113 KB

Housekeeping and 5 S - Sent by S Sampath Kumar
Housekeeping is more than  cleanliness, intro to 5S & each S, emphasizes the role of top management, middle & line management, and employees.
Presentation: 26 Slides, 276 KB


5S Sent by Suhas Kulkarni
Brief intro to 5S, describes each S, advantages, and where it can be applied.
Presentation: 15 Slides, 68 KB.


Road Map to The Deming Prize  Amit & Navneet
A brief introduction to Deming Prize for organizations wanting to propose themselves for it. Forwarded by Mr. Rakesh Nandan Sahay.
Presentation:  47 Slides, 120 KB


Appraising Performance

Building Balanced Scorecards - by Anwita Lal
Anwita has sent a presentation on building a BSC. The contents are quite precise and obviously come from indepth knowledge as well as experience of having worked on development of BSC. She is with Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited.
Presentation: 26 Slides, 123 KB. Thanks to: Ms. Anwita Lal, lala 


Performance Measurement and Management , Romy Felix
Comprehensive presentation on the subject. Integrates corporate and individual performance management. Explains competencies, competency profiling, and job profiling. Mr Romy Felix is Head-HRD for M.P.S.
Presentation: 48 Slides, 1236 KB

Performance Management , Dan Cable
Presentation from a training course titled "Emerging Leaders Program," talks about Performance Management in Sears - supermarket  chain.
PDF file: 17 Pages, 64 KB

Managing Careers & Fair Treatment




Labor Relations & Employee Security

Employee State Insurance Act , Badari Narayana
An outline of India's ESI Act, 1948. Mr Badarai Narayana is with
Presentation: 12 Slides, 68 KB

Employee State Provident Funds & MP Act , Badari Narayana
An outline of India's PF & MP Act, 1952. Mr Badarai Narayana is with
Presentation: 23 Slides, 93 KB

Ergonomic Tips for Computer Users  Author Unknown
Computer is an essential equipment used by working population and others like housewives and students. Here is a set of good and useful tips. Forwarded by Mr. Neeraj Narang
Presentation: 10 Slides, 531 KB

Correct Postures for Using PCs , Author Unknown
Simple yet effective ergonomic tips on how to hold the mouse, how to position the key board, and where to keep the mouse pad. You will thank yourself for reading this one. Forwarded by Ms. Anamika Chada.
Word Document: 2 Pages, 172 KB

International HRM


Other Topics

Outsourcing HR, Genius Consultants Ltd.
Talks about why and what to outsource in HR. Basically a sales presentation but gives some idea about outsourcing. The company (Genius Consultants) or Promoters are not known to me.
Presentation: 12 Slides, 110 KB

Developing a Mission Statement , Author Unknown
A brief guide. Received from Ms. Anuradha
Presentation: 10 Slides, 115 KB