Beyond Good & Evil

Review By: Eric Mortensen

System: Playstation 2, Gamecube, Xbox, PC
Genre: Third Person Action Adventure
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
ESRB Rating: Teen
Release Date: 11/11/2003
Great mix of several genres of games, very fun, great controls graphics and sound, above average challenge, excellent story, overall a great game. Length, length, length.



Fun: 19.5 out of 20

  Beyond Good & Evil is a very fun game. The stealth elements in the game are well done and are a joy to play. There is also vehicle racing that is fun to play. You also take pictures of wildlife and the wrongdoings of the villians. All these are perfectly blended and create an engaging experience. This is one of those games that get you hooked and you can't put it away. All the elements in the game are fun.

Innovation: 9 out of 10

  Overall this is an innovative game. This game takes several gameplay ideas and mixes them together perfectly. There is stealth, racing, vehicle combat, air hockey, picture taking, and many other ideas. All these elements control perfectly and fit into the game. The game also has a creative story, world, and characters. Even though it brings a lot of elements together it really doesn't improve on any of them.

Control: 9 out of 10

  BG&E controls are almost perfect. With all the different types of gameplay you would think that they wouldn't all control well. But it is totally the opposite. The vehicles don't control as well as a racing game but what do you expect. The camera aspect is the best I have seen in a game. The stealth is not as good as Splinter Cell but is still very well done. The only problem in this category is the camera control. At times you can't control the camera and you can't see where you are going.

Graphics: 9.5 out of 10

  The graphics are simply outstanding. The world is very detailed. The wildlife is stunning including all the different types of animals you can take pictures of. The city looks like a city of the future with very fine details. The characters are very well designed. Jade and Paige are detailed and very creative characters. The local populace are very creative people from sharks to goats. The graphics are great but I have seen better in other games.

Sound: 8.5 out of 10

  The sound in Beyond Good & Evil is very well done but is not memorable. Explosions sound realistic and the villagers chatting with one another and protesting sound lifelike. The background music is ok but not spectacular. At times in the game you forget there even is music. The voiceovers are also well done. Jade and Paige are very well done.

Replay value: 6 out of 10

  Length and replay value is the biggest problem with Beyond Good & Evil. BG&E takes around 10 hours to complete. There are a few sidequests in the game that really do not add to the story. These sidequests add to the length and are fun to do. It is also a really big challenge to take pictures of all the animals. There are also mini games that take awhile to master. These add to the length of the game. After you complete these other tasks all you can do is play the story over again. The game will be exactly the same and not change much.

Challenge: 8.5 out of 10

  Beyond Good & Evil at times is a very challenging game. Certain parts of the game are extremely easy. You can get through these parts quickly and without much of a challenge. The puzzles are very simple and don't require much thought. At other times the game is very difficult. You will repeat the same challenges over and over again. The puzzles at these points are frustrating and take alot of time to figure out. Most of the time though the game is challenging enough but is not too hard.

Multiplayer: No multiplayer available

Story: 10 out of 10

  The story of Beyond Good and Evil is the strongest part of the entire game. The story begins with the main character enjoying a nice day at her lighthouse. All of a sudden the Domz (alien-like creatures) attack her homeworld and her lighthouse. Jade fights the Domz when they threaten her and her friends. Her friend Paige also helps out. Jade eventually finds out there is more to the Domz attack then she first thought. Jade eventually joins an underground newspaper that writes about the corrupt government. The story is engaging and is one of the most interesting of any game.

Tilt 10 out of 10

Beyond Good & Evil is a extraordinary game. It is very fun and contains a great story. BG&E contains few problems and the story and the gameplay make up for most of the faults. BG&E is deserving of a 10 in Tilt.

Overall: 90 out of 100

  Beyond Good & Evil is a great blend of several game types. It has great stealth, photography, combat, and vehicle portions. It has a great story, sound, graphics, and controls. It is also an innovative game. It is a great game but not excellent. There are some challenge problems, and the length of the game is below average. This game is for everyone. Even though it is such a great game it is not a very popular one. Very few people bought it even though it is a great game. This is good for you though because you can get it for a very cheap price. I would recommend this game for everyone.


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