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Wel come to Himalayan kingdom of Nepal for Trekking , hiking, Expedition, Rafting, Jungle safari, sightseeing and Tibet , bhutan , Sikkim Treks & tour etc

Tibet  Tour & Trek

Tibet is a mountain country in North Asia situated between China and Nepal. Tibet is also known as "The Roof of The World". Tibet was opened to tourist in 1985. Tibet, home of Buddhism's land of extraordinary beauty. Tibet offers great adventure for trekking and expedition. It offers  spectacular panoramic views of holy mount Kailash, lake Mansarover, Everest Base Camp, Shisa Pangma Ect. Tibet presents a very rich culture preserved and maintained for centuries. What to do in Tibet ? we offer Tibet tour from Nepal side with cheap price and best services. please check your time and late us know which one is your dreaming place since long. We will tern your dream into a reality 

4 night 5 days Lhasa Tour fly in fly out

Day 01 : Drive to the airport for the flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa. This one hour trans Himalayan Flight will  give you an opportunity to have an aerial view of Mt. Everest and other Himalayan Peaks. Arrival at Gonggar    airport around 13.30 hrs. local time. After clearing immigration and customs it will be a two hour drive to cover the 93 km. to Lhasa which is situated at an altitude of 3650 meters (13,000ft). 

Day 02 : We start our sightseeing with a visit to one of Tibetís most important and biggest monastery, Drepung. Beautifully placed on a mountain slope 12 km. outside Lhasa. After returning to the city for lunch we will go to the Norbulinka, the former summer palace of the Dalai Lama. Surrounded by a lush green garden,     itís a favorite place for Tibetan people to celebrate their festivals.                                                                  
Day 03 : In the morning visit the Potala Palace, one of the wonders in the world and one of the marvels of       Tibet. This huge structure is the former home of the Dalai Lama and a sight you will definitely not forget. In the afternoon we visit the Jokhang Temple, the most sacred and oldest temple in Tibet. The walk around it is        called the Barkhor and a must for all pilgrims, it is also a famous bazaar for Tibetan handicrafts and antiques. 
Day 04 : The morning is free to relax or to explore the small alleys in the old Tibetan part of Lhasa. In the afternoon we will visit Sera monastery, 5 km. outside Lhasa, where we can watch the monks debating. They do this in a very special way by making all kinds of gestures with their hands and arms.
Day 05 : Already the end of our tour and we have to get up very early for our transfer to Gonggar airport to catch the flight back to Kathmandu. We arrive around nine oíclock in the morning because of the 2 hours and 15 minutes time difference with Tibet. Of course we enjoy the spectacular views again while we fly over the Himalayan range.

7 night 8 days (drive in Fly out)

Day 01 : Kathamndu to Nyalam, we start our tour with an early morning drive to Kodari, The Nepali border post. Weather permitting there will be fine views of Langtang. Gauri Shanker, Melungtse and Khumbu himal ranges. Depending on the road situation we walk or drive up to Zhang Mu where we clear Chinese immigration. After the formalities we continue our journey through a beautiful gorge to Nyalam crossing the Himalayan range altitude 3800m.
Day 02 :  Nyalam to Lhatse, our first stop on the Tibetan plateau will be on the 5200m. high Lalung la pass from where we have a breathtaking view of the Himalayan range and  shisabangma , the hightest peak in Tibet. While having lunch in lao tingri ,the peaks of mt. Everestand cho oyu can be seen. This day our journey is long but the spectacular Tibetan plateau will make you forget time. Altitude 4000 to Kathmandu. This flight is one of the most spectaculars in the world with aerial views of the Himalayan range including the mt. Everest.

Everest Base Camp Tour :-10 night 11 days (Fly in drive out)

Day 01: FLIGHT KATHMANDU - LHASA, transfer to the airport for the flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa on China Southwest Airlines. This one hour trans Himalayan Flight will give you an opportunity to have an aerial view of the Mt. Everest and other Himalayan Peaks (weather permitting). Arrival at Gonggar airport around 13.30 hrs. local time. After clearing immigration and customs it will be a two hour drive to cover the 93 km. to Lhasa which is situated at a altitude of 3650 meters (13,000ft). Upon arrival we check in at the Snowland hotel, right in the heart of the old city.
Day 02/03/04:  SIGHTSEEING, during these three days in Lhasa we visit the Potala palace, Drepung and Sera monasteries, the Norbulinka and of course the famous Jokhang temple including the surrounding Barkhor.
Day 05: LHASA - GYANTSE, you begin your overland adventure with a full day drive to Gyantse. Along the way you cross the Kamba la (4794m) and the Karo la pass (5010m), both grant spectacular views. After the Kamba la you come to Yamdrok tso, also known as the Turquoise lake. You'll want to have your camera ready. Altitude 3900 m.
Day 06:  GYANTSE - SHIGATSE, this will be a busy day. In the morning visit Gyantse stupa and monastery followed by a two hour drive to Shigatse. Here see the giant Buddha in the famous Tashilumpo monastery. The seat of the Panchen Lama. Altitude 3800 m.
Day 07:  SHIGATSE -LHATSE, the journey today brings you over two high passes with fine views. For lunch we stop in the small town of Lhatse. Depending on how much time we spend during the morning in Shigatse we might stay overnight in Lhatse. Altitude 4350 m. / 4000m.
Day 08: LHATSE - ROMBUK, begins with the Tsho La (4500m) and ends with the spectacular view of Mt. Everest from Rombuk monastery. Relax tonight and stroll around the monastery. Altitude 5050m., hotel
Day 09:  ROMBUK - LAO TINGRI, get up early and start the 2-3 hour leisurely walk (one way) to the base-camp (5200m) itself. You should return early afternoon to head to Lao Tingri. Lao Tingri is a small Tibetan town that offers the best view even from a toilet that youíre unable to experience from anywhere in the world. Altitude 4200 m., hotel
Day 10:  LAO TINGRI - ZHANG MU - KATHMANDU, make sure you have some photos left for the panoramic view of the Himalayan range as you cross the Lalung la pass (5050m). In the evening relax in Kathmandu

Mt.Kailash via Simiko

Day 1 :  fly to Nepalgunj                                                 
Day 2 :  fly to simikot and trek to Tuing
Day 3 : kerme
Day 4 : Yangar
Day 5 : Yari
Day 6 :  Naralapass cossing sher
Day 7 :  Arrive puring ,Toklako
Day 8 ,9 :  Manosarovar lake
Day 10 :   Darchen
Day 11,12,13 :  around the Holy Mt. Kailash
Day 14 : Manosarovar Lake
Day 15 : Paryang
Day 16 : Saga
Day 17 : Nylam
Day 18 :  Via Zhangmu to kathmandu

Mount Kailash Lake Manasarovar (Drive in drive out Tour)


Day 01 : Kathmandu to Nylamu (3750M)          

Day 02 : Nylamu to Paigutso (4850M)

Day 03 : Paigutso to Saga (4640M)
Day 04 : Saga to Paryang (4540M)
Day 05 : Paryang to Darchen (4700m)
Day 06 : Kailash Parikarma(4909M)
Day 07 : Kailash Parikarma (5650M)
Day 08 : End Parikarma (4520M)
Day 09 : Lake manasarovar (4540M)
Day 10 : Manasarovar to Paryang(4540M)
Day 11 : Paryang to saga (4640m)
Day 12 : Saga to Paigutso (4850M)
Day 13 : Paigutso to Nyalamu(3700m)
Day 14 : Nyalamu to Kathamndu


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