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N30 1999 SEATTLE Photo By actionseed
Selected reports from G8 mobilizations in Genoa, Summer 2001
What is anarchism all about? Does anarchy mean violent disorder?
Check out for more anarchist links and frequently asked questions.

National Security Archive
Independent Media Center
Free Speech Radio News
Electronic Intifada

KPFK/Pacifica Radio
9/11 articles
written by actionseed the week after 9/11/01
Declaration of Non-Agression (for an improved version by unrelated authors, see the Not in Our Name statement
collect signatures denying authority to the masters of war

Provacateurs for Peace

Preliminary reaction to attacks --by Stanley Call
The internet, the Predator unmanned spy plane, and a searchable database on the daily activities of everyone in the US...
Q:What do these projects have in common?

A: They are all products of the Pentagon's
DARPA agency.
Iran-Contra criminal John Poindexter now heads the Information Awareness Office.
Read more at and visit the DARPA page at (Poindexter's group)
Vision 2020: US Military Plans to Rule the World by the Year 2020!
(same plan, now harder to locate)
Social Forum Page:
World Social Forum
U.S. Social Forum
Social Forum L.A.
Teacher Page
If you followed the link from the WSF website, PLEASE NOTE: I am currently "inactive," completing my M.A. thesis, "The School Problem: a case against compulsory education." My listing on the WSF site dates to 2002. At that time, I was unable to find any contacts in the U.S. who were involved in the WSF. Through several emails, I ended-up volunteering to start a mobilization committee in L.A. Please visit the "Social Forum Page" to the right for current contacts.
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