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Ever since I was a child I've had this longing to make my own beauty products. I used to spend quite a bit of time at my local library reading all kinds of books. Somehow, that dream got covered in cobwebs and was long forgotten about. That was until very recently when I decided to go natural. I had a hard time finding products made specifically for natural black hair. After experimenting with dozens of commercial hair products (not to mention spending tons of money), I still wasn't happy. It then dawned on me that it was time to blow the dust off that old dream of mine and make my own hair products...that's how Sharon's Garden came about. I started out by experimenting with different ingredients until I came up with products that I loved using. My family and friends (God bless them) have been my guinea pigs for all my experimenting. So here it is, my tried and tested best products are now available to you.

Thanx for listening..