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FEATURES: hair & now


Fro 2000 babeee!

I washed, I twisted (around 8 of them) and did a tiny bit of afro picking (gee, this purple pick sure is coming in handy)

Tail Comb Twists

i paid $25
and had these done by a student at leon's school of hair design.
it took 2 hours and should last for 4 weeks (unless i decide to loc!!!)

how & why (month seventeen)

this was taken on friday december 8th, 2000
could this possibly be my last fro?

style details

no locs yet!
this is around 30 2-strand twists with a headband
what can i say, i'm fickle!!


big 2-strand twists in may


huge chinese bumps that lasted for 3 weeks. i had them done for $20 at leon's school of hair design by student & 'true yard gal' kerrianne