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Did you have a nice holiday? It was great being off but too dang cold!

Are your twists hanging in there? I washed mine again, figuring since I had the entire week off, I should be able to handle it. Next time I HAVE to go back to Petula. I think they are trying desparately to intertwine themselves together. I read somewhere that this is typical of what they call 'teenaged' locs, because they are somewhat rebellious. Let me tell you, I almost gave up on retwisting them this time. My arms were tired and it seemed like my head was growing in circumference as I twisted, that each time I thought I only had like maybe ten to go, I'd retwist ten, and I'd still have like THIRTY to do! I didn't do such a good job and actually had to revisit it the following day. It was a chore.

For some reason, they really undid themselves at the top. I don't know if the shampoo/conditioner I used made my hair too soft, and therefore they came unglued or what. But, I was looking somewhat 'buckwheetish' about the head, and it was really quite frightenin'! They are OK now, (wouldn't DARE step out the house!) but it took a while. I'm not sure what I did that's so much different from last time.

it was lovely being home, home sweet home, home is where the heart is, aahhhh, can't wait to go there again..............2 1/2 hours to go!!

these twists are 2 1/2 weeks old and i'm still having a love / hate relationship with them. i think they'll be gone in a coupla weeks though, i can't picture this 8 week thing happening and i have been naughty, not tying them down at nite or when i do tie my hair when i awake the scarf is nowhere to be found. last nite i wore that satin bonet you recommended but it's not good for keeping the twists down. surprisingly i've had NO itching!!

you used a different shampoo that the last time you retwisted?!!

Oh, the hair? I used Paul Mitchell....I think maybe it made my hair too soft, I dunno. I also used some of his clean gel. I'm not really seeing a big difference in gel, but now that I think of the name, it aint flaking or nothing.

During the Christmas holiday, I was upstate, and usually end up sleeping in my buddy's 9 year olds room. The child cracked me up because she was knocking softly on the door talking about how she just had to come in and get her do rag! You should see this baby soft hair on her little head. We teach ourselves early, don't we?

Anyway, you really have to tie the twists down, or, use dark colored linens and blankets, so if you get fuzz, no one will see it hangin around in your hair.

What I've found out is that when my hair is fairly clean, I like to use either silk or satin scarf. When it starts to get 'ripe', it's time to pull out the cotton bandana. The bandana will help to absorb some of the oils (and dirt).

Did you see the PHYNE brothah on Ricki Lake yesterday with the locs down around his shoulders? The ONLY reason I paused the channel clicker on her show yesterday.

it is now 3 1/2 weeks since my professional 70 dolla twists, i must admit i'm VERREE suprised how little it has itched. anyhows guess what? yup they gotta go. i'm running out at lunch time to get some shampoo i feel like trying something new. i'm gonna untwist tonite or tomorrow and wear a fro til i wash and stuff this weekend. why i'm i taking the twists out you ask?? cause it's has started to loc at the roots and i know i ain't ready to loc yet. i didn't even take photos, goes to show how exited i was right!!


this morning i was thinking about getting braids for england next week but just the thought of sitting for sooo long and paying all that money then ina coupla weeks i'm gonna wanna play with my own hair again then hours to take that stuff out, i was like nah.........forget about it. i'm gonna 2 strand twist it, but one of the kinks r us readers told me she braids a tiny bit at the roots first then twists and it lasts a whole lot longer, so i bought this red dye a while back and on sat i'm gonna deep deep condition and try it out. then on the plane i can retwist them. ooohhhh ima all exited!!!

i need more beeswax and was gonna get my usual tried and trusted $1.49 kuza brand and i got my issue of heart and soul and i saw this dark and lovely stuff. you seen it? i had seen previously in some other mag that dark & lovely had this new line of hair stuff dedicated to natural hair wearers then last nite i really looked at it and was like humm...........ima check this stuff out. cause i was just reading bout this tee tree too!! gotta find it first though, don't know who sells it.

Some of the Dark & Lovely products, I've tried. I've tried two -one for natural hair and braids, which is a spray moisturizer, and another which is a spray oil. They both are kind of making me break out.

I've used this tea tree shampoo by Paul Mitchell. It's real soothing to the scalp.

hey, tried that loc butter stuff. i'm not sure what to make of it. it was nice and shiney and stuff directly after using it, this was on saturday nite but it definately DOES NOT hold the hair like my beloved will never give up beeswax!! now my hair is kinda dull and the 2 strand twists are puffy. i shoulda known when i saw that water was the first ingredient!! but in saying that these are not the smallest twists, i think i'll mix it with the beeswax should be a good combination, no?.

I was thinking you're butt was already on the plane! I dunno about some of these products. It's SO trial and error, it's ashame! It's always appears that they are good initially, but when the hair dries, it transforms into something else.

That Dark & Lovely stuff, like I said, just broke me out. I'll use it because it's there, and wasnt all that inexpensive, but I can feel a visit to Sallys coming on strong. I will be using this coming 3 day weekend to hook myself up. (shampoo, the whole nine. I think I should bypass the conditioner route though...makes the hair too soft)

I was in Brooklyn Friday (all friggin' day AND night! for a funeral). Remember the sistah I told you about who started her locs a little over a year ago? Well, it was her uncle that passed. Anyway, her locs are long enough now to pull back in a pony tail. They look great. But one of my concerns is how to get them to NOT look so dry. I'm not sure that this is possible. What are these people using on this 'silky dreads'? Or, are those things fake?

Now, let me tell you, I STILL saw some real bad perm action around. I know this little girl that is about 12. She has real fragile hair, and they INSIST on relaxing it. It only grows about 2-3 inches long as a result. Then, to try in an effort to control it, they've got the little girl using vasoline on it. Needless to say, she always looks real bad about the head. They almost need to get that relaxer out of her head and give her a neat TWA, but she's not old enough and secure enough to pull that off. I feel real bad for her. But, the one who is most influential on her when it comes to hair is her aunt, and she can't stand the way I'm wearing my hair.


Hey Andrea,
I dropped the book Tenderheaded, as well as your book you sent me a while back into interoffice mail. You should get it soon. Tenderheaded doesnt deal with how-to's, but is a collection of stories from different black women and their hair dramas. A lot of it we can easily relate to. Take your time checking it out, and when finished, just drop it off.

I thought about re-twisting this weekend, but lost interest. But you know, the back is kind of raggedy. I did some minor retwist yesterday evening in the top, but that was it. Maybe tonight I will make sure the back isn't growing together and work on a patch of it. Did you do anything cool to yours this weekend?

well i must say, i am enjoying my hair. okay.

so on friday right, on the way home from work right i stop at walmart right cause my shampoo supply is kinda depleted and i'm all exited at what i may find. so armed with coupons i march to the hair section of walmart and browse.

i know i want a clarifying shampoo cause i ain't neva eva used one and they're spose to be a good thing right? so a while back a kinks r us reader had told me about a conditioner she uses by aussie called moist. they make the moist shampoo too. so i'm doing the browsing thing then lo and behold a see aussie makes a clarifying shampoo called citrifier and it has all these rinds and peels in it like orange and lemon and good scrubbing cleaning clarifying citrifying it's electifying stuff in it!!!!!!!!!!!! wait...................its gets better. the conditioner is on sale for $2.50 yes......$2.50 and the citrifying clarifying shampoo is $3.47!! but gets better..................I GOT COUPONS..............a dollar off each...............I LOVE A BARGAIN. but guess what? gets better.........................i use the stuff saturday morning right and the stuff is great!!!!!! it really really works for my was clean and soft and smelled great and nice and soft and manageable and smelled gooooode and........... you get my drift??? my sis in law was gonna corn row me up and she prefers hair blow dried so i added some leave in conditioner and when it was almost dry some hair oil and it was straight and soft and bouncy. ooohhh. i lost alot of ends blow drying though, cause my ends are real curly and it hurt to look at my curly ends snapped off in the bathroom sink!!! but she has a hard time corn rowing my hair if it is curly. i was like. i can't beleive a coupla years ago blow drying my hair every week was perfectly normal don't even mention all the OTHER abuse i was inflicting on top of that relaxer. now it feels weird to do it once in a blue moon!!! oh by the way.........did i tell you i am enjoying my hair?

U R there! Was just thinkin' 'bout ya!

Well, loving the hair, huh? Cool! How is it styled? Did you get it braided? Here's a couple things: a friend of mine takes his buddy into Harlem to get his hair braided. They use like a texturizer, even though he's got kind of soft, curly hair. I'm trying to tell the brother that this has nothing to do with the end result - it must have EVERYTHING to do with making it easier on the braider! I used to get my hair braided all the time back in the day and would never have even CONSIDERED a slight relaxer to get the job done.

Now, after your blow drying incident, you KNOW you've gotta trim some ends, no? When I hear this kind of stuff, I kind of wish I didn't loc cause I'd be able to run home, try some new shampoo/conditioner, and see what kind of new effect I could achieve. I still miss that. For this reason, I'm almost certain I will not be a locked head forever.