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OB & Soft Skills

Introduction to OB
Foundation of Individual Behavior
Perception & Individual Decision Making
Values, Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction
Motivation Concepts and Application
Foundations of Group Behavior
Understanding Work Teams
Power and Politics
Conflict, Negotiation, & Intergroup Behavior


Foundations of Organization Structure
Work Design
Organizational Culture
Organizational Change
Stress Management
Time Management
Presentation Skills
Inter Personal Relations
Executive Health
Managerial Effectiveness
Other Topics




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Introduction to OB
Foundation of Individual Behavior
Perception & Individual Decision Making

Decision Making Skills , Suresh Patel
Very few PPTs are available on this topic. Mr. Suresh Patel, who is a Trainer and a Management Coach working out of India (Gandhi Nagar)  shares his presentation on decision making skills.
Presentation: 36 Slides, 104 KB

Values, Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction

Why Are Attitude Surveys Conducted? , Author Unknown
Has good answers to the above question. Want to sell a tool based on Blake and Mouton's Grid. Forwarded by Mr.  Zohmingliana Hualngo
Presentation: 25 Slides, 245 KB

Attrition and Satisfaction of Knowledge Workers , NFO MBL India
Study of 150 executives knowledge workers who were looking for a change in job. Identifies reasons for seeking a change.
Presentation: 51 Slides, 376 KB                                           

Motivation Concepts and Application

Does Compensation Motivate?, Author Unknown
A highly insightful and interesting presentation on motivators other than money. Addressed to all, not HR professionals alone! One of the morals : Chase your passion, not your pension. Use in New Employee Orientation.
Presentation: 25 Slides, 167KB

Motivation for Achievements, Author Unknown
60 things you can do (  motivational ideas) to motivate your staff. Good idea bank for HR Pro's in IT.
Presentation: 60 Slides, 94 KB

Motivation in Organizations, Author Unknown
An excellent summary of motivation theories. Based on Chapter 17 of Daft's book. Sent by my colleague Mr Ambar Nanavaty.
Presentation: 47 Slides, 145 KB

Motivation and Emotion , Ishtiyaq Kasu
A brief outline of relatively modern motivation theories. It is based on Chapter 10 of a textbook which is not named.
Presentation: 17 Slides, 181 KB

Motivation for Organizational Effectiveness , Ishtiyaq Kasu
An excellent outline of Behavior Modification model of motivation. Deals with applying it to achieve higher motivation along with job enrichment, appraisals, compensation.
Presentation: 19 Slides, 102 KB

Employer Employee Relations, A Surendranath
Look at motivation from Industrial Relations / Employee Relations perspective. Common sense summary of what employees need, what employers do to meet those needs and what additional expectations employees have.
Presentation: 37 Slides, 90 KB

Suggestion Scheme Outline  Magnus Customer Dialog Pvt Ltd
They give a good intro to a Suggestion Scheme. The above Hyderabad based company is an HR Service Provider. They have implemented a Suggestion Scheme in a manufacturing setup with 765 employees. Claims to have received 17000 suggestions in 3 years - a degree of success which is shocking. The details of the experiment or the promoters are not known personally to me. For more details see or contact Presentation:  45 Slides, 234 KB.

Foundations of Group Behavior
Understanding Work Teams

Lessons From Geese on Team Building, Author Unknown
Self-Explanatory! Can also be used in training sessions on Team Building. Forwarded by my friend, Ms. Poonam Chandok.
Presentation: 21 Slides, 173 KB

Lessons from Geese on Team Building, Author Unknown
Same as above, but another style of presentation.
Presentation: 7 Slides, 142 KB

Team Performance Measurement , Jill Mac Bryde & Kepa Mendibil
This presentation is addressed to organizations which have adopted team-based approach to work. It talks about why teams and finally introduces a Team Performance Measurement system to make working of teams effective. Jill and Kepa are from University of Strathclyde, Scotland.
Presentation: 56 Slides, 304 KB


Communication Secrets , Nanda N Dave
An excellent outline of what true communication means. It lists Eight Habits of Highly Ineffective Communicators.
Presentation: 14 Slides, 96 KB

Communication: Best Practices , C Jalasayanan
Presents a systematic approach to communication in organizations in details. This approach, he says can help in converting grievances to gratitude.
Presentation: 31 Slides, 102 KB

Listening Skills, Challa SSJ Ram Phani
Brings out importance of listening and then some listening facts. tells how to handle poor listeners and how to improve one's own listening skills.
Presentation: 21 Slides, 222 KB


A Leadership Primer, General Colin Powell
18 lessons about being a leader. General Colin Powell retired as Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff, US Armed Forces.
Presentation: 20 Slides, 209 KB

Lessons in Leadership: The Lagaan Way, Author Unknown
"Lagaan," a recent Hindi movie, won wide appreciation, many awards and box-office success. It is set in times when the British ruled India. A young Indian boy accepts a bet with a representative of the British crown to play and win a cricket match, which was a game unknown to the Indians. On winning, their tax for three years would be waived. The story shows how the young boy is able to motivate, inspire, gathers the support of the villagers so that they learn cricket and win. Here are lessons on leadership from the story. Aamir Khan is the producer and hero of the movie. Presentation forwarded by Mr. Aftab Khan.
Presentation: 24 Slides, 54 KB

Heart of a Leader (= Leadership Skills), Author Unknown
These are excerpts from the book by Ken Blanchard. There is a commentary by the creator of the presentation who appears to be from India. Forwarded for you by my friend Ms. Poonam Chandok.
Presentation: 80 Slides, 113 KB

Leadership Skills , Vinod Bidwaik
Says that leadership skills can be acquired and gives modus operandi of a leader. Oulines behaviors that exemplify leadership skills like bringing change, taking initiative, problem solving, leading team to success, handling subordinates. Received from Ms Sonali of TV Rao Learning Systems
Presentation: 37 Slides, 159 KB

Power and Politics
Conflict, Negotiation, & Intergroup Behavior

Negotiation Skills , John Richardson
Gives a 5-Step Negotiation process and lists personal attributes for a successful negotiator. This is also a good example of how to write training objectives. Received from Mr Ishtiyaq Kasu.
Presentation: 19 Slides, 140 KB

Negotiation Skills , Author Unknown
Most important is that this PPT has 4 exercises which can be used in any session on negotiation skills. Looks at the skill from Project Manager's perspective. Received from Mr. Ishtiyaq Kasu
Presentation: 27 Slides, 128 KB

Negotiating Skills , Neil Bradshaw
PDF file of a PPT by Mr. Neil Bradshaw of University of Bristol.
PDF file: 8 Pages, 79 KB

Negotiation Skills, Saurabh Shukla
Saurabh of Genesis Events India shares insightful guideline on negotiating skills.
Presentation: 20 Slides, 112 KB

Conflict Management, Author Unknown
Defines conflicts, its types, effects and reasons for not addressing it. Finally talks about revolving conflicts. Forwarded by Mr. Ashish Bubna.
Presentation: 23 Slides, 387 KB

Foundations of Organization Structure

Manual of Organizational Design , Dr. William M Leawitt
A well researched conceptual / theoretical paper on the subject. Can help you in writing a term paper or in  conceptual aspects when preparing a project / presentation.
PDF file: 57 Pages, 90 KB

Work Design


Organizational Culture

The Wonder Of Dabbawallas Unfolded - Author Unknown
Can a workforce with average education of 8th Grade / Standard own & run a business at six sigma quality level? Well Tiffin Box Supplier's Association in Bombay (India) has achieved this. There name finds an entry in Guiness Book of World Records and are registered with Ripley's Believe It on Not. Find here more about this organization which would be the dream of every industrialist and aim of every HR professional.
Presentation: 25 Slides, 275 KB. Sent by : Sonia Nair

Organizational Climate Survey Questionnaire , Zohmingliana Hualngo
The Questionnaire has 38 questions covering 11 dimensions of organizational climate.
Excel file: 21 KB

Organizational Change

Who Moved My Cheese? , Gerbie Rose Arganosa
This is a brief outline of Dr. Spencer Johnson's best-selling book with the same title. I am sure it will make you feel like buying and reading this concise book on Change Management.
Presentation: 32 Slides, 164 KB

Enabling Organizational Transformation - Author Unknown
This presentation gives a theoretical framework of  concepts in Organizational Transformation.
Presentation: 9 Slides, 45 KB. Sent by : Gaurav Singh

Fish Philosophy - Author Unknown
This presentation on FISH! Philosophy outlines 4 principles which help us to "catch the energy and release the potential" in us. This philosophy is being used by hundreds of organizations in 28 countries to become alive, engaged & more profitable.
Presentation: 15 Slides, 326 KB. Sent by: Sonia Nair

Stress Management
Time Management

Manage Your Time, Compiled by Rajeev.B.Bhatnagar
Free e-book on Time Management containing over 22 valuable articles by experts on Time management. Download this EXE file to your PC. Then double-click the EXE file to install on your PC and read at your leisure. You can distribute this Free E-Book in your training programs on Time Management, Personal Effectiveness.
Exe file: 930 KB

Personal Organizer, Author Unknown
Professionals can keep a record of their financial and physical assets using this excel sheet. Designed for India only, unfortunately. Forwarded by my colleague, Mr. Ambar Nanavaty.
Excel File: 24 worksheets, 127 KB

Time Management Hand Book, Tarkesh Gupta
Mr. Tarkesh Gupta  presents guidelines on Time Management An excellent gift for participants in seminars on the subject.
MS Word Document: 47 Pages, 1331 KB

Time Management, Aniket Joshi
A presentation by Aniket Joshi of Technowrites Pvt. Ltd.
Presentation: 28 Slides, 113 KB

Time Management, Sreeram Kishore Chavali
Presentation: 25 Slides, 339 KB


Time Management, S Siddesh
Good outline of Time Management wanting to market software on it (GoalPro5, Act!2000).
Presentation: 9 Slides, 310 KB

Presentation Skills

Effective Presentations, Author Unknown
Excellent tips for making effective presentations.
Presentation: 11 slides, 72 KB

The Effective Presenter, Vaishali Batra
Detailed tips on becoming an effective presenter. Can be used for conducting a training session.
Presentation: 21 Slides, 205 KB

Inter Personal Relations

Transactional Analysis , C Jalasayanan
A comprehensive & excellent outline of Transactional Analysis and how to apply it in workplace. A typical Jalasayanan presentation.
Presentation: 46 Slides, 252 KB

Transactional Analysis Basics , Author Unknown
Briefly touches / skims thru TA. The main thing is that it is very brief. PPT from
Presentation: 12 Slides, 287 KB

Executive Health
Managerial Effectiveness

The Seven Habits Paradigm, Author Unknown
Steven R Covey's "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" is by far the most widely read & popular book on self-improvement. More important, it is my favorite and I recommend that everyone buys a copy to read and re-read his book.  This presentation gives an overview of Covey's philosophy.
Presentation: 41 Slides, 627 KB

One Minute Management Techniques , Vinod Bidwaik
Outlines the now famous One Minute Manager's Techniques - One Minute Goal Setting, One Minute Praise, and One Minute Reprimand
Presentation: 23 Slides, 231 KB

Habits of Successful Managers , KS Gopalakrishnan
Gives a lucid list of 7 principles / habits that successful managers follow.
Presentation: 21 Slides, 309 KB

Other Topics

Personal and Organizational Ethics , Author Unknown
Presentations on this important topic are rare but here is an excellent one! Identifies 4 levels at which ethical issues can be addressed and discusses in great details the 3 approaches to resolving ethical conflicts. Goes on to factors affecting morality / behavior of managers and then to improving ethical climate in the organization. Received from Mr. Vinod Bidwaik
Presentation: 28 Slides, 318 KB