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so, what's the deal?
well... basically, this is the blog of two, over-worked, under-paid, yella-bellied sea-barnicals that go by the names of beck and liz. We slave away all day on saturdays and party all night (likely.) because WE CAN. during the week we disguise ourselves as the superheros,  'Dude Junker George' and 'Seriously pissed I.T Mistress' so... yeah. lol. in our quest for salavtion and ice-cream that contains cookie dough, out of the two, we only found the latter, but alas, the search continues for the prima. muse to be seen in concert? Heaven is calling...
blog: prepare for total crap.


- june -
A2 exams of doom
Tekken 5 release

- july -
Go on holiday ^_^

- august -
Dreaded results day

- september -

(Hopefully) Departing to Uni's
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>>> coming soon... Run for your lives.

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