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Rediscovering Passion...

Reading used to be my number one hobby, my favorite pastime, while writing just came in a close second. I am a voracious reader. I read as if I am devouring nuggets of wisdom faster than I could chew them. But in the past few years, I found myself not just deeply immersed in a hobby, but in a newly found passion.

While reading could still whisk me away to foreign lands and distant dreams without even realizing I had taken flight, now I have a newfound discovery. Now, I could just sit in front of the computer for hours on end, my fingers nimbly typing on the keyboards as though I am playing and creating melodious harmonies with the ivory keys of a grand piano.

My heart freely outpours its imbedded contents in the purest way it knows how. It uplifts my spirit just to be able to release so much of the feelings I keep inside by transforming them into stories and poems; mere works of fiction that could hold such simplicity and yet contain unfathomable depths of wisdom and understanding.

I've fallen in love, with the most beautiful expressions of words singled out and woven together to paint a thousand images seen through the mind's eye. I have begun to write with passion, bringing out the fullest emotions I could produce and shed light on my uncharted alternate realms of fantasy. I have begun to discover the many wonders of this world that has yet to be claimed and placed on a map. I have unveiled a new technology that surpasses time, boundaries of logic and limitations of the physical beings. I have unleashed...imagination.

Join me as I trek this quest to find the ultimate masterpiece, the best that creativity can mold and bring to life. Come, and let me take you to a faraway place where freedom of the mind and the soul grasps its truest sense.

Together, someday, we will understand.

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