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Happy - Go - Lucky
(This is a simple poem that I've written about myself way back in highschool. Don't laugh too loudly though. ;))

Despite the problems that arise-
And come knocking once, twice, thrice,
I stand untouched, secured and tall...
Unyielding to its constant call.

Every obstacle that comes my way,
I leave it to the path of yesterday.
I take whatís good and leave the bad.
Each day is the best Iíve ever had.

And when the rains come pouring in,
I welcome them with a widened grin.
I wait instead for the vibrant rainbow
And comfort myself with the promise of tomorrow.

My vision is blurry and unclear.
My calling, I do not yet hear.
But I find no fault in being ME.
For Iím just a happy-go-lucky somebody.

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