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1st June, 2007

I have moved to See you there.

8th May, 2006

As regards my recent activities, I am working on my next game "Scrabble Madness". Its a two player scrabble game playable over the internet or a LAN. It requires Microsoft .net Framework 1.1 or higher. Its almost complete but a few things need to be fixed. Ill upload it as soon as its complete. After my exams though.

The study leave has been quite entertaining. Lots of parties, picnics and movies. One of my friends, Vikas (a.k.a Chika) secured a seat in IIM Indore and another one, Hanumant Singh, had his birthday. So they threw an overnight party for us at Gorai on 2nd of May. As usual, The Queen (Janet) had a Bungalow there too. I wonder. She must have lost count of the number of Bungalows she owns! It was great. A nice evening by the beach, spent watching the sunset and playing football with buddies. Followed by a dance session and time spent chatting with friends under the moonlit sky. I didn't want to come back. Who will want to? And 3rd of May was Mom's Birthday. So another great fun filled day at InOrbit, Malad.

When I think about stuff like my future and make plans, I feel I have grown up. When I conduct workshops and people enjoy them, I feel I have grown up. When I don't feel jealous when a handsome guy gets to chat with all the beauties and I am left standing alone at the bus stop after college ;-), I feel I have grown up. When I am able to control my urge to play computer games during study leave by uninstalling them from my machine and giving the installation CDs to my friends for safekeeping, I feel I have grown up.
But all this goes in vain when I find myself watching Noddy on POGO and borrowing Harry Potter movies from friends. Yesterday I watched the 1st part, liked it, and begged my friend for the 4th part. He obliged and I wasted another 3 hours when I should have been studying System Security or Multimedia Systems or Distributed Systems or Robotics. Well, 'wasted' wouldn't be the correct term because I loved the movie and want some more of it. And I have no idea how to control this urge.

Jokes apart, I am introducing a few new courses after the exams. One of them is C#. And the other one may be Linux. I have yet to finalise the course contents and any other details. So let your friends know about it. And as planned before, the JAVA batches will commence from 10th of June. I won't be starting any new batches after 15th of July as I have to join the company I have been placed in, in August. How I got placed is a story in itself and you can read it in my previous blog.

This being my last exam (hopefully, I won't go in for an MBA or an MS as I want to get rid of formal college studies), I want to do well. Everyone wants. But the 4-5 days gap between each paper is not allowing the tension to build up and as a result, I end up doing things like updating my site! I have downloaded a lot of eBooks and have been studying everything apart from my college books. I will have to dust them when I finally get down to studying for the exams.

Its 11.30 PM and in half an hour, it will be one more day closer to the exams. Mom is getting mad at me as I still have to have dinner. Thats all for now. Take care and enjoy yourself.

8th September, 2005

It has been a very long time since I last updated the site. By God's grace, I had my hands full during this time. Sometimes with work, sometimes with fun and play.

I got placed in march this year, during my 3rd year of engineering. Means a lot to me for these reasons

  • I had forgotten that there is a campus interview in the college on that day and had turned up in casuals. I bunked my Computer Graphics practicals and went back home to change
  • there were many students with breathtaking aggregate marks and who were sure to get through
  • I wasn't really the most suitable candidate as my scoring graph in engg. has shown a steady fall
  • during one of the later rounds on the successive days, I had again forgotten that I had to go for an interview. But this time, I didn't even have time to go home. So I borrowed from my friends (shoes, belt, shirt and trousers - not anything else ;-) )
Despite these "karnamas", I somehow got through. As always, God again. He has been so generous to me.

Download ChessPAV from the Games section. You will need JRE 1.3 or higher. Its our 5th Sem Java Project. Send me feedback if possible. I had enabled GPRS on my cell. Surfed a lot and my cell got a virus. I had to get it repaired and they deleted all the stuff I had downloaded. So I am back to square one. With the same content that I had when I had purchased my cell. But learning about the internals of the cell would be very interesting (not necessarily for virus writing purposes!). If any of you are into this already, do let me know. I would appreciate if you could share your knowledge with me.

I managed to get a decent score in the last semester; breaking the tradition of my falling scoring graph. Managed 73.4% after 59% in the previous sem. But still, my first semester score (73.5%) is my highest. Which is very funny. The reason is pretty obvious. In first sem, I used to study :-)

This semester has been very good till now. The subjects are quite interesting. But, that is not the reason. The reason is that now I have some pocket money that I can spend on movies and food. Unlike previous semesters in which I had to spend almost all of my pocket money on books.

The heavy rains in Mumbai on the black tuesday caused havoc not witnessed before. So many people lost their lives and such a heavy loss of property. God save us from such things in future. The stories of misery and those of bravery in such times really touched our hearts. Luckily, my college is just 15 minutes by road. But I was running fever that day and didn't feel like walking back home. 3 of us were stranded at the bus stop for about 2 hours and when my fever started rising, I became even more restless. There wasn't a single bus. And the autorickshaw drivers were running towards their homes. We decided to walk to a nearby friend's house for some comfort. She was very warm. She served hot coffee and Pizza to all of us. When I felt better, we walked back home. Thanks Rupal for the coffee and Pizza. It was really very sweet and kind of you. I'll remember this hospitality.

Its festival time now with Ganesh Chaturthi. Everyone is in a happy (and gay :-) ) mood. Yesterday, I went to Vazira(in Borivli). The atmosphere all around was so cheerful! How I wish life was like this everyday!

Thats all for now. I'll keep posting more as things happen in my life. Couldn't find time to develop any more games or write any more tutorials during this time. Sincere apologies. Take Care and enjoy Life. Life is really very beautiful.

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