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Number Madness and Stone Madness in ZIP Format (273 kb)   Download

Chess PAV

Our 3rd Year Java Project. My teammates Pascal, Vaibhav and myself made this game. It is a multiplayer Chess game playable over a network. Requires Java Runtime 1.4. which can be downloaded from .

     Full download available at      Get it from CNET!

Click here for the game with one set of chessmen. (504 KB)
Click here for additional chessmen. (1.61 MB)

Run it at a resolution of 1024 x 768.

Featured in Digit October 2003 CD

The first game in the Madness series, this game has undergone three revisions to reach its final stage. The first version did not have multiplayer support. The second version had multiplayer support but lacked the ability to determine whether any player has correctly arranged the number grid. The current version includes all these features alongwith a timer and a graphics mode user interface.

The game has been programmed using Turbo C 3.0 and hence is a mere 45 kb when zipped. To view the programming credits - Start the game. On the screen showing the keys (2nd screen), press 'p'.
Click the screenshot below to download the game. (zip file 45 kb)

The second game in the Madness Series, this game was supposed to be for practice only. But I decided to put it here for you to play. The development environment used is Visual C++ . A version for Linux will soon be available. Click the Screenshot below to download the game. (zip file 228 kb)

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