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   My name is Charles Wang and this is my RPG, I guarantee that this will be one of the best RPG you will ever see.  Join please.  I spent a lot of time on this RPG, so don't ditch it.  If you do decide to ditch it please email me at  I will add more feature to my site if more people join.  There is a character list in the info section for you to choose your character.  Please check the member list to make sure that no one choose your character before you choose any character.  Once you sign up, I will email your user name in the chat.  You can also check your status in the character status section.   

        How to play

    This is like any other RPG you have seen.  But, there is a lot of places where you can fight.  Like all RPG, this is play by chat.  Depending on your race, power level and characters, you can learn attacks.  All attacks are requires to learn from someone else like Master Roshi or King Kai.  Yet, you would start with some basic attacks.  You will fight various fighter and their fighting ability will differ.  Yet, not all the time you will find an instructor that is willing to teach you.  So you will have to learn it from your opponent.  For example, if Goku fought with 3 people that know kienken, he would learn it if he wins all three matches.  Some attacks can only be learn by special people or Race.  Like only Vegeta can use Final Flash and every Sayain can learn the Bigbang attack.  Yet, some attack can be learn by everybody like the Kamehameha and the kienken.  I will post those attack in the RPG attack list (not the technique list in my page).  Although in the story some people are stronger than others, but in my RPG, people all start out the same no matter who you are.  The only way to gain level is the fight (fighting is training but your instructor won't kill you).  When you win a match your total power level usually goes up about 25%.  But if your opponent is stronger than you and you beat him your power level will go up 50% of your original total power (round it to the nearest ten).  If you lose a battle against a stronger opponent, your total power level will go down 25%, but if you lose against a weaker opponent, your total power level will drop 50%.  You are heal after ever battle.  You can't give up in a battle, you have to fight to the end.  When you lose a battle, your opponent will decide if he wants to kill you or not.  But in some places like the world martial art tournament, you can not kill your opponent.  The attacks in this RPG is going by percentage (don't worry, cause I do all the math).  For example, the Final Flash does 50%(round it to the nearest ten).  But if your opponent is 2X stronger than you, the final flash only does 25% and if the opponent is 3x stronger than you, the attack does only 12% to him and so on.  If your opponent is 2X weaker than you, your attack will do 100% damage to him.  If you and your opponent is about the same, it only does 50%.  There is several ways in not get damage from a attack.  Block, dodge and using another ki blast against the attack.  When you block the attack only does 50%, when you dodge, if you get lucky, the attack has no affect, and if you are not, you will get the full blast (I am going to flip a coin).  If you use another ki blast against it, depending on who's attack is stronger, the weaker one will get hit 2x the original attack.  For example, Goku use kamehameha that does 25% aginst Vegeta's final flash which  does 50%  Goku would get hit with 100%.  If both is about the same, both will cancel out each other.  If your opponent lunch two attacks before you lunch one, you will get hit.  When you died you will go to the heaven.  In heaven , you can train with King Kai, but he doesn't want to train you, you will have to find some other dead guys to fight you to train (you can not die in heaven).  There is several area where you can fight, like Mr. Satan's GYM, Planet Vegeta and a lot more.  I am not going to tell you who are you going to fight, because everybody will vary.  Everybody will have their own story.  I will ring you when you lose.  If you have any more questions, please email me.



1. Respect your opponent

2. Listen to my order at all time

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