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Race: Demon
Eyes: Black
Hair: None
Abilities: Bukujutsu, Cube Fade, Space Manipulation, Zanzoken
Series: DBZ

The villain of movie #12, Janemba starts as a very playful fat apparition, looking a lot like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow. However, he eventually transforms into a smaller red-colored demon with a nasty sword. He takes fighting more seriously and loses his jestful nature. He is incredibly powerful, and neither Goku or Vegeta can beat him at full strength.

Race: Unknown
Eyes: Black
Hair: White
Abilities: Bukujutsu, Red Comet Attack, Zanzoken
Series: DBZ, DBGT

One of the odder members of the Ginyu force, Jese has fairly well-rounded abilities. Not extremely fast or powerful, he makes up for it with the careful balance he has between the two. He and Baata normally team up to form their attacks.