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Welcome to My Dragon ball Page

Dedicated to My Best Friend " Chi Wan" and all my loyal fans




Dragon ball is a Japanese Animate based on a Chinese Story.  This is My Website.  Feel free to take anything from my Website.  I know I upgraded my website with a frame, if you don't like the frame, GET OUT.  Dragon ball is my favorite Anime and I hope it is yours too.

Please sign the Guest book before you leave.  I spent a lot of time on this so please enjoy it.  Oh, please vote for your favorite Dragon ball Character in the lower right hand corner.  There are some really cool games in the Downloads section.  Feel free to download it.  There is also a FAQ in the game section in case you don't see it.  There's a few songs in the Downloads section too, but I'll have to add more later.

I just had a few up dates, I mean a lot.  Well I made a clan and a RPG, please join.  But is every one enjoying this, I really hope so.  now I think the RPG is going to host by Master Trunks, on of my student.  I am on retirement.  Oh, please encourage more people to come and the World martial art tournament is held once six month.  So please come.  It is like the UFC, but it will be way better.

Sorry that I had been so Lazy, can help it, cause I am so tired.  But soon I will make this page look better.  And I think I have to close this down, cause not enough people are coming.  So please encourage people to come.

The update isn't much today, but I am thinking of closing down.  But, just for people's sake, I wouldn't be so mean.  Just a reminder, Trunks is the master of the RPG.  Buu is retired.  Oh, I added a few stuff in each section, feel free to check around.  Oh, and please join the world martial art tournament.  You can enter no matter if your not a member or not.  And please tell me what to add.

Nothing today, but I just made the picture larger.  And a lot of people complain about the so call POTTY word in my site, so I change all the POTTY languages in to good languages (according to the adults).



Sign My Guest book, Please!!!!!!!!!!!!




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