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Fruits Basket - 5 out of 5
Fruits Basket (Tohru,Shigure,Yuki,Kyo)
The story begins with a young girl living in a tent. She introduces herself as Honda Tohru! As it begins she tells you how her mother died in a car accident and her grandfather's house is still under construction. So now she is living alone in a tent. One day however, while she was walking to school, she came by a house and she started to come near. As she looked on the porch she saw 12 clay animals. Each representing Juuiichi, or called the 12 chinese Zodiac. (Rat, Ox, Dog, Snake, Horse, Rabbit, Boar, Tiger, Dragon, Rooster, Monkey, Sheep) As she looked at each of them, suddenly a man nearly ten years older then her walks out. He introduces himself as Shigure Sohma. Honda was very nervous and said sorry to him for barging in. As they continue to talk and talk, Honda and Shigure starts to talk about the legend of Juuiichi. 'Long Ago all the animals were told by God to come to a party that takes place tomorrow and not to be late. When the rat heard this he ran to the the cat and told it that the party takes place on the day after tomorrow. When the day came all the animals went to the party and had fun. All 12 of them were included into the Juuiichi. Except the cat that was fooled by the mouse. That is why the cat was never included in the Juuiichi.' Honda was a dog but she vowed to not be the dog but instead be a cat! As they finished talking, a young man at Honda's age walks out the door. Honda was extremely excited because he was Yuki Sohma, the 'PRINCE' at her school. Everyone in the school loves him. Though he has a feminine look. He introduced himself as the cousin of Shigure Sohma. He also insisted to walk to school together with her. The day after that, while Yuki and Shigure was taking a walk they saw a tent. When they got near they spotted Honda. Shigure just laugh his head off. But Yuki of couse didn't. Later Honda explained to them why she had to live in a tent. Somehow, after that Honda fainted due to a flu. Yuki later told her that there was an extra room for her and told her to stay at thier house. That evening, suddenly a boy with orange hair, dropped from the roof down to the house. He threatened Yuki and wanted to fight him. Honda ran to stop him but slipped and fell on him. Suddenly he turned into an orange cat. She was scared and wanted to take him to the hospital but also fell on Yuki and Shigure. Yuki turned into a mouse and Shigure turned into a dog.

I love the animation! And I love the charcters design!

I like the opening and ending theme! Well, I really liked the all of the music!

This might just be my opinion, but I think Fruits Basket is the best there is! No fighting and such, just about relationships and feelings!

Review by: Tohru