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The "64" Site Exposed

The 146.640 repeater sits atop Wolfe Mountain approximately where the Appalachian Trail crosses Pa. Rt. 645. The site is 1220 feet above sea level and the tower is 150 feet tall. The "64" antenna is at the 120 foot level on the tower. The transmitter has a 100 watt amplifier. There is a bank of batteries that can supply power to the repeater for a few days of normal operation in the event of a power outage. The "64" repeater also has a phone patch available for use by members.

The 145.170 repeater is also housed in the same building. The coverage of the "17" machine is not as great as the "64" machine, the antenna is much lower on the tower. On the plus side, the "17" machine has a full time 10 Meter link. The 10 Meter receive antenna is at this site. The 10 Meter transmitter and  antenna are at a remote location, in Palmyra, Pa. at this time. The frequencies for the 10 Meter side of the repeater are............

29.650 Output
29.550 Input  (FM of course)

Aerial  Photo

Aerial photo (USGS) of the "64" site

Repeater location

Map of repeater location