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My Friends

My friends over the years have meant a great deal for me? Why not have a look at who they are?      

Kelly - Full of Grace :) My Sweetheart

Shelli - My Cheesemo from Jax Beach      

Green Babe Jennifur - A cutie form the smallest state in the Union      

Mikey (Jennifur's man) & Jennifur together. Aren't they cute?    

Shauna Marie - She's a DG    

Alyssa - Miss all around New Yorker =-)      

Spider Girl - Jasonda - My neice cookie nose from Texas      

Tonya - Goddess of Tervin Vision in K-ville   

Christie - Precious 7      

Diem - She's my buddy @ LSU. She's a math nerd      

Neel - This dude is crazy, but he's cool to hang with 'round campus.      

Paige - My Chocolate Chip Cookie      

Dan - Lt. Dan of the USAFA

Crys - My friend who has trouble think of ^(*)^

Li, Thomas, Kristen, Nazan, Dr. Fleeger, Markus, and Zora at the lab

Zora and me


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