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Hi!! My name is Rebel and I am a Quaker Parrot (or as some people call us "green dragons" even though I have not been bad yet hehe!!) My birthday is Mother's Day 2000 so you see I am still a little one!!

I am a new member to momma's home! Momma went to a breeder and fell head over heels in love with me *I can't blame her -- could you?!*

I even made the 2001 Quaker Parrot Calendar not too bad for a new (FID - feathered kid) what do ya think about that?! :-) momma is proud! I found out very fast that my momma is a QPS (quaker parrot slave) --- whew!! I always wondered what the other FIDS were talking about! But I have the BEST QPS (in my humble opinion)!!! ;-) I have bonded with momma and let's face it, you know who loves you and she loves me!!!

Any hoot.....I was still on baby bird forumla when momma brought me-- she was dedicated every day I could count on her coming to the breeder to feed me and love on me for at least an hour and half each day and I was soooo excited to see her I would quake!!!!(shhh don't tell but anyone -- I still quake when momma comes in the house!) I was FINALLY able to come home on July 7th and WOW I LOVE life!!

Momma has her schedule -- :-) We take a nap each day ON time..kindof nice!! I love to take showers with momma and naps too!

Oh!! Momma is excited because I am learning to talk! Here are some of the words I have learned === Oh I am getting good at this talking stuff so here ya go: kiss kiss, momma, out out, what what, whatcha doin, come here, want some, I love you, peek a boo, wanna bite, ut oh, no no, ouch, sorry (to mention a few!) and I laugh just like momma and momma called me a racket jaw...what does that mean?!! Life is so good!! WoooHooo!!!

There goes that thing that mommma hides behind and then it flashes amazing how that works -- all of sudden I see my photo on the screen! ya think it is a camera or magic??? EEEK!! But as you can see I do take wonderful photos! ~winks~

Ok, could someone fill me in as to what is up with this sombrero?!!!!


WooHoo! It's bath time!! Splish Splash I was takin a bath!

Yes ma'am I am enjoying this bath!!

Ok...I am all washed up == hmm..let's see what I can get into now!!!! ;-)

Ok ok...I know I am in Texas .. does this mean I am a CowBIRD?! Giddy up ;) a little qp humor for ya!! ;) (oh well I will pose to make her happy!!)

"Momma said I was gonna be a star!

Stayed tuned for more updates! :-)

~KISS KISS~... till next time!

Please stop by often as I am sure momma will have taken more photos of me!!