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"Galaxia-Amp" By Sazo Narumi
the Third of my winamp skins, made with the "old school" tecnique in adobe photoshop.

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"JunJun-amp" By Sazo Narumi
Shes one of My Fav Quartet member ^^  from the SMSS Season

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"Kaiou-amp", By Sazo Narumi
This ones My absoloute fav of all my winamp skins, also the offical skin of my other site "Kaiou-Sei's heaven"

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"Kinmoku-amp" By Sazo Narumi
the very first of my skins, recently re-touched in a "secret lil program" we used to make these ^_~

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"Rurubell-amp" By Sazo Narumi
The kawaii lil miko from Megami Paradise and the most recent skin i have made to this date, this is my 2nd fav one

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hey-yas! the name's Sazo Narumi and this is a gallery of all the winamp skins I have made to date, my tecniques include Adobe Photoshop and a ShitLoad of Plug-ins and filters to do these, also the "secret program" *very hush hush ^.^* Tenjou-Kun and I use ^_~ so have fun running some DL's if your going to use these for your site, please give credit where its due, alot of love and effort went into making these, so please be nice and e-mail us if you wish to use these for your own personal site ^_~ Arigatou!
"Coronas-amp" By Sazo Narumi
Okies this has to be THE only skin of Sailor Lead Crow/coronas out there on the web, and I for sure take pride in making this one ^_~

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"Mermaid-amp" by Sazo Narumi
What would Lead Crow be without her bumbling ditzy co-hort Sailor Aluminum Siren/Mermaid the is oneof my new fav's I made the buttons with a new plug-in i recently obtained for photoshop

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