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Sailor Venus's Profile

Manga Minako

Name: Aino Minako
Dubbed Name: Mina
Age: 14-16 throughout the anime series
Birthday: October 22, 1978
Astrological Sign: Libra
Blood Type: B

When Does she first appear in the anime series?

We first meet Aino Minako in the first season of Sailor Moon when she saves the inner sailor soldiers from kunzite's clutches. She was dressed as Sailor V and was thought to be the moon princess in the manga until Bunny remembers her past with her love and the tragic ending of the moon kingdom. However this is the first time we really see her. The fake Sailor Moon had just saved to window washers andUsagi is crying claiming that she is the one and only sailor moon and makoto is trying to comfort her. When the little tiara closes in the screen you can see a blonde girl with part of her hair up in a bow standing next to a white cat with a crescent moon on it's forehead...

How did she first become Sailor Venus?

Minako became Sailor Venus before any of the other sailor senshi had any idea of their past lives. Infact Naoko Takeuchi firs became famous for her Sailor V manga where a 14 year old girl living in England would fight crime with her companion Atrimus her cat. When this manga became a hit Naoko was full of idea's and first introduced Bunny or Tsukino Usagi into the world, after this the comics were offered an anime series and the rest is history...

What are Sailor Venus's Powers?

Throughout the anie series, just like the other sailor senshi Sailor Venus recieves a number of new powers and transformations, her first transformation is "Venus Power, Make-Up" her her first attack is "Crescent Beam" which in the dubbed version is turned into "Venus Crescent Beam Smash" In the R series, the inner senshi are given new henshin sticks which allow them to become more powerful. Once recieving this Sailor Venus's new transformation is "Venus Star Power, Make-Up!" and her new attack. "Venus Loveme chain" which in the dubbed series is called, "Venus Love Chain Encircle!" and what i think is a one time move only, "Crescent Beam Shower" (this attack is used in the episode where cardians are attacking buses with little kids for energy and Minako and Usagi are on a bus that is attacked) When SSMoon and SSChibi Moon are trapped in adark enrgy barrier and they can't call upon Pegasus, he helps the Sailor Senshi achieve Super Henshin. Her new transformation call and attack as Super Sailor Venus are: "Venus Crystal Power, Make-up" and "Venus Love & Beauty Shock"