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Sailor Moon's Profile

Sailor Moon

Name: Tsukino Usagi
Dubbed Name:Serena Tsukino
Age: 14-16 in the Anime Series
Birthday: June 30, 1978
Astrological Sign:Cancer
Blood Type: O

How does she first appear in the series?

We first see Usagi late for school. She had no idea what so ever of her past or that she's Sailor Moon. She runs out the door and sees a bunch of little brats torturing a black cat with a bandade on her head. Usagi scares them away and she takes the bandade off of it's forehead. A crescent moon appears and the cat jumps on top of a nearby car. Usagi realizes that she'll be extra late for school and runs away. You then hear the cat thinking "could this be the one?"

And also in the dubbed version at least, at the very beginning you see Queen Serenity sending the people of the moon 1000 years into the future and telling them all to protect her Princess Serenity.

How does she first become Sailor Moon?

Usagi is napping(what else is new?) and the same cat from that morning jumps into her window and startles Usagi. Then realizing that it's just a cat she's alright but then the cat who's name is Luna starts talking to her. She gives her a brooch and tells her to repeat these words. "moon Prism Power, Make-Up" and the rest ids history.

Sailor Moon's Powers: Her first Transformation call is "Moon Prism Power, Make-Up" and her first attack (besides taht weird thing with the red stuff on the "meatballs") "Moon Tiara Action", "Moon Tiara Stardust"(a one time move used when Sammy was being attacked by the little hamster things in the second episode) and then the episode where Sailor Jupiter first appears, Sailor Moon gets her crescent moon wand and has a new attack called "Moon Healing Escalation" an also once the silver crystal is inserted in it, she has "Cosmic Moon Power" which she uses to blast Zoicyte, Malachite and Queen Metallia herself :-D. "Moon Crystal Power, Make-Up" this transformation is given to her when her brooch is powered up by the silver imperium crystal when Queen Serenity gave it to her. Her new attack after that was "Moon Princess Halation" with her new sceptar. After the silver imperium crystal looses it's power in episode 90, Usagi will not leave the Sailor Senshi's side, She and Mamoru hold hands while the daimon is charging at them. A bright light starts to pop up from where their hands meet and it blasts the daimon. Their love creates Sailor Moon's new locket and replenishes the silver imperium crystal and also gives her the legendary spiral moon heart rod where she uses it for her new attack called "Moon Spiral heart attack!" shortly after she recieves this new power, the strength and purity of the holy grail lets her transform into Super Sailor Moon(for breif periods of time) and use a more powerful attack called "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!" in the Super S season, the power of pegasus give Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon(american version fans will know her as Sailor Mini Moon)a double moon transformation where they call out "Moon Crisis, Make-Up" but for some wierd reason, cloverway came up with "Moon Cosmis Dream Action"(??) Sailor Moon's new attack is powered by Pegasus and is called "Moon Georgeous Meditation" And finally her most powerful state of being (for now if rumors are true)"Moon Eternal, Make-Up" this is her final transformation in the SailorMoon anime series, she reaches this while battling the mirror parady after Nehelenia is awakened by Galaxia in the Sailor Stars Season. All of the senshi lend her their strength in order to make this possible. I'm not quite sure what her attack is then but when Chibi Chibi gives esm new powers her attack it "Moon Crystal Power, Kiss!"