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Sailor Mercury's Profile

Super Sailor Mercury

Name: Mizuno Ami
Dubbed Name:Amy Anderson/Mizuno(they changed it when cloverway started dubbing smoon)
Age:14-16 throughout anime series
Birthday: September 10, 1978
Astrological Sign:Virgo
Blood Type: A

How did she first appear in the series?

Ami first appeared in the seriesin the american dubbed episode "Computer School Blues" when she transferrs into Usagi's school. The first time Ami ever sees Usagi, usagi is laughing at all of the theories that the students in the school have about her. Luna encounters Ami on the street and feels strange energy from her, she thinks taht she works for the negaverse so she had Usagi become friends with her and follow her.

How did she become Sailor Mercury?

Ami became Sailor Mercury when her computer class is being drained of energy, Sailor Moon is cornered and the youma hold Ami up by the throat and the sign of Mercury appears on her forehead, like i said with the others the rest is history.

What are Sailor Mercury's Powers?

Sailor Mercury may seem like the weakest of the Sailor Soldiers (power wise) but she is the smartest and is usually the one to come up with plans and analize the enemies. Her first transformation call is "Mercury Power, Make-Up" and her only attack is "Shaboon Spray" which in the american version is called "Mercury Bubbles, Blast!" and later "Shabon Spray Freezing". Her second transformation is "Mercury Star Power, Make-Up!" which gives her slightly more power. She recieves this tranformation as a gift when she is to leave Tokyo for germany. It helps her realize that she can't leave her home, especially when her friends need her most ^_^ Her new attack to go along with this power is "Shine Aqua Illusion" Finally, her last transfomation and power is given to her and the other inner senshi by Pegasus. It's "Mercury Crystal Power, Make-Up!" and her new attack is "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody"