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Sailor Mars's Profile

Pretty Manga pic of Rei

Name: Hino Rei
Translation: Fire Soul
Dubbed Name:Rei Hino
Age: 14-16 throughout the anime series
Birthday:April 17, 1978
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: AB

How did she first appear in the series?

She first appeared when Usagi went to the Hino Temple(where rei lives) to look for some lucky charms, Rei smacked one of those parchments on Usagi's head sensing great energy from her and thinking that it might be negative.

How did she first become Sailor Mars?

She first became Sailor Mars when Luna left her transformation stick on the ground at the temple, sensing great energy from it, she kept it until she and Sailor Moon were stuck in a sort of limbo demension with the youma and she transformed, ever since then Usagi and Rei have never stopped argueing.

What are her powers?

Even before she became Sailor Mars, she posses great powers, she is a priestess and can predict the future by doing fire readings, that is a way that the Sailor Senshi usually find out who their new enemy is and where their located. Her first transformation call is "Mars Power, Make-Up" and her attack is "Fire Soul" i personally love that because her name also translates into fire soul but in the dubbed version her attack it "Mars Fire, Ignite" another useful attack is "Akuryou Taisan!" in which she puts the parchments on enemies heads and paralizes them. Her second transformation is "Mars Star Power, Make-Up!" this is given to the inner senshi by Luna and Artimus. With this new transformation comes her attack . "Burning Mandala" which in the dubbed version is called "Mars Celestial Fire, Suround!"(Celestial- heavenly; spiritual, divine)ANd her last tranformations and attacks are: "Mars Crystal Power, Mak-Up" and "Mars Flame Sniper" although in the american dubbed version it's "Mars Flame Shooter"