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Sailor Jupiter's Profile

Makoto with the sign of Jupiter on her forehead

Name: Kino Makoto
Translation: I'm pretty sure it's Friend of the Trees but i could be wrong
Dubbed Name: Lita Kino
Age: 14-16 throughout the anime series.
Birthday:December 5, 1978
Astrological Sign: Saggitarius
Blood Type: O+

How'd she appear in the anime?

When we first meet Makoto in the Anime(i'm not to sure about the manga) She has just transferred into Jubban Junior High School. Many rumors go around about her and she is nicknamed a "karate maniac" due to one saying that she was kicked out of her old school for fighting. She seems like a loner and the only one in the school to first approach her was Usagi who asks her if she can eat some of Makoto's enormous selection of food 4 lunch. After that Makoto and Usagi Become friends.

How she became Sailor Jupiter

Makoto was following a guy around who in the dubbed version was called "Game machine Joe" she thought that he looked just like her old boyfriend (big surprise, huh?) and would not give up on stealing his heart. But Zoicyte had other plans. (also this is the first episode in where Zoicyte is in search of the rainbow crystals)She takes Joe's rainbow crystal and turns him into a monster, frustrated Makoto battles him although Sailor Moon (who suddenly apears) tells her that he's too strong. When Makoto has the monster version of Joe lifted over her head, the sign of jupiter appears and the rest is history...

Sailor Jupiter's Powers: When she first becomes Sailor Jupiter, her transformation call is "Jupiter Power, Make Up" and her only attack (besides martial arts) is "Supreme Thunder" Once the R series takes off, all of the inner senshi are granted with new powers and her transformation call becomes "Jupiter Star Power, Make-Up" and she now has two useful attacks, "Supreme Thunder" and "Sparkling Wide Pressure" finally in the Super S series she is granted her final phase (for now ^_^) of Super Sailor Jupiter and her final and most powerful attack yet "Jupiter Oak Evolution"