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April 1 2009

Welcome To "Star Trek: The Continuing Mission", the newest collaborative addition to Jason K. Hauck's fan fiction 'family' & HTML design portfolio in full cooperation with Author Mr. Robert Scorpio.

I'm hoping you'll enjoy Jason's original site, "Star Trek: New Worlds" just as much. I'm also published at "Ad Astra" and "TrekBBS".

If you have any concerns about the site's content, please let me (or my assistant web-master, Jason,) know.

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I'm hoping to add links here that'll lead to fan fic 'e-book' posters for my projects: "Star Trek: Phase 1", "Star Trek: Phase 2" (The Neptune Incident), "Star Trek: Project Naissance", "Star Trek: DS9" (Blood Island) and character photo manipulations.

[Trek Blog: "Eavesdropping With John (Eaves)"]

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