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  They were so much wished for, so very very wanted. Unfortunately it wasn't to be, our angels had to go to heaven way too soon.

I have set up this page to remember the little angels that have been taken away from us way too soon. Though they can't be with us they left little footprints in our hearts.

If you want a picture of your baby on this site with some details, a poem or other information important to you you can
email me, Bianca, at b.veldhuizen@hotmail.com  and I will add your little angel as soon as I can.
Go to the Angel pages by clicking the name of the little angel.

Some of the pictures might be shocking for the more sensitive under us.
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Links to other pages about child loss
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Register Our Babies
My Story
Poems used on some of the pages are of unknown writers, if a poem is yours and copyrighted then please mail me so I can add the copyright.
Awards and gifts
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Mason Maggio
Emily Elizabeth & Jack Malpass
Scott Anthony Malinoski
Cameron Wade Marsh
Kelsey Leeann Mayo
Joseph James 'Joey' McKittrick
Angel Mills
Joseph James Mulligan IV
Jason Jay 'J.J.' Netterville
Ava Jeanette Nowik
"Bubbles" O'Reilly
David Benjamin Orr
Lane Allen Orr
Shaun Anthony Ortiz
Molly Owen
Mya Elizabeth Preston
Austin Ivan Reid
Harley Josh Rhodes
Elizabeth Cordelia Willow Roberts
Sophie Rae Robinson
Codie Rogers
Meadow Roskosky
Nicholas Austin Ross
Evan Reed Roberts
Thomas Carl Russell
Michael Ryan
Alexander Saladino
Aiden Richardson, Paige Stewart and Owen Stewart
Ronald "Tyler" Sherard
Lucy Olivia Shevlin
Felicia Grace Shumaker
Leslie Jean Stevars
Eden Grace Sutherland
Alyssa Rose Swope
Skyla Elizabeth
Brayden Keith Taylor
Catherine "Cathy" Taylor
Courtney Jaymie Taylor
Angel Thiessen
Scout Alese Towner & Bryant Dalton Towner
Eric James Tucker
Jacob Alexander Tucker
Mason Dylan Vargas
Conner Lynn Watkins
Angelica Webb
Hugabye Willett
Perry Mark Wilson
Faith-Marie, Baby & 'Angel' Wood
Jake Woodhead
Caiden Zimmerman
Lucas James Abbey
Jonah Robert Abelhouzen
Cameron David Heath Adams

Kayleigh Alflat
Dylan Bailey
Kenny Paul Baker
Joshua Kieron Howard Alfie Barlow
Heather Leanne & Kyle Joshua Bates
Kiersten Dene Batten
Alexis Jade Kirmer Bell
Mikey Breidenbach
Kelsey Bruynseels
Ashley Breann "Bree Bree" Burchett
Christopher Hayden Lane Butler
Ronnie Charman
Sutton Elisabeth & Gabriel Matthew Colley
Harry Connolly
Isabella Renea Craig
Brandon Isaiah Church Keenan
Sean David Dallimore
Ryan Lamar Dennard
Nicholas Anthony DiGrigorio
Matthew DiVirgilio
Vincent Von Engel
Emily Elizabeth
Jacob Evan Engelhard
Amy Louise Field
Ashlee Beck Dylan Glaves
Noah Allen Gray
Jaylie Anette Guerrero
Lyric Autumn Ham
Jacob Garek Harrison
Joanne Marie Harper
Stephanie Joanne Harper
Kerry-Ann Hartley
Samuel Hartley
Owen David Philip Hextall
Elizabeth Mae Hill
Caleb Joseph Hogue
Andrew Craig Hooker, Jacob Alan Hooker & Joshua Lee Hooker
Megan Louise Hopkins
Marshal Jessie
Mason Nicky Howsin
Amanda Kaye Johnson
Annalise and Charlotte Johnson
Jacob Kane
Ella Lucia Gabriella Kavakli
Jamie Keesee
Dylan Scott Lee
Alex Limbert - Jewell
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Kayleigh's pages: RememberOurAngels Page    Page received from Sirpa on her third anniversary    Page received from SWH   Page made in her Memory on 3rd birthday
Page made for Kayleigh's 4th birthday by SWH
An Angel never Dies
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