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The custody of the cave belongs to a consortium made up by representatives of the Group for Underwater and Spelological Exploration and the Local Council of Mangalia.

Conservation measures

  • access into the cave is permitted only for research purposes with the permission of the custodians
  • trips into the cave are limited at two hours, twice a month while no more than 3 people can enter at the same time
  • clean footwear and coveralls have to be worn to avoid contamination of the cave
  • two gates and an airtight lid are protecting the cave from unauthorized access and influences from the outside (gas exchange, temperature fluctuations and species immigration)

Legal status

The cave is declared as a protected area, both by the city council of Mangalia and by the Romanian Academy of Sciences and falls under the regulations of the Environmental Protection Law of Romania.


The conservation of this extremely valuable environment would not have been possible without the help of:

  • Serban Sarbu
  • Cristian Lascu
  • Radu Popa
  • Mihai Baciu
  • Dan Ciuca
  • Luminita Vlasceanu
  • Simona Prodan
  • Group for Underwater and Spelological Exploration
  • Local Council of Mangalia
  • Romanian Institute of Speleology
  • Romanian Academy of Sciences
  • Students of the German High school in Bucharest/Romania
  • a large number of volunteers to whom we express our gratitude


Special thanks to Dumitru Pegulescu for his excellent work, enthusiasm and commitment that have led to the protection of this cave.

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