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The Mangalia Field Center

Located only two kilometers from the entrance of Movile Cave, the Center is the main research facility for the Movile Cave Project. It consists of:

- two underground laboratories were the cave's physico-chemical conditions are closely reproduced (temperature, air composition, presence of sulfidic waters and of course, the darkness)

- a lab equipped for water-chemistry work, microbiological studies,basic processing of samples, etc.

  • - living quarters for staff and researchers (up to six persons)

    - a conference room (35 seats) where presentations, seminars or meetings can be held (presentation equipment is also provided)

    - a diving center, where SCUBA diving equipment is available both for diving and for exploring the Black Sea



The facilities are open for researchers and students active in research projects in the Movile Cave or in other projects in the area. It has been used by researchers from the University of Cincinnati, AmericanUniversity Washington, Hamburg (Germany) University of Padova (Italy), Tor Vergata University (Rome, Italy), Instituto Italiano di Speleologia, "Max Planck"Institute for Marine Microbiology, (Bremen, Germany), NASA, Romanian Spelological Institute, Bucharest University and others whom have been satisfied by the conditions offered.

 The Center was build with the financial assistance of the Soros Foundation, AIDROM, Shell Romania and numerous corporate sponsors.

 Field Center frontview

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