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The Movile Cave Project

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Movile Cave, located in Romania, near the Black Sea coast is probably one of the caves that have received the most attention during the last years, both from the mass media and from the scientific community.

What is the reason for such a high interest from such a diverse audience?

... it is a peculiar, practically unique environment, until now the only cave ecosystem completely driven by chemosynthesis (chemosynthesis = production of organic molecules using chemical energy rather than light)...

... it is an extremely small and fragile environment which deserves our protection

... it is one of the richest cave ecosystems regarding the number of species

... more than 30 new species for science were described from this cave,and all are endemic (i.e, they live only in this ecosystem)...

... it can serve as a valuable model for understanding how life can thrive even in the absence of light and under extreme conditions

... the history of its discovery and research is one of committment and dedication


This website is for all those who want to find out more about one of the most exciting chapters of natural history, for students of all ages, the mass media, cavers all around the world, researchers in related fields, environmentalists and decision makers.

These pages are dedicated to the countless and often annonymous volunteers who have made the discovery, exploration, research and conservation of this cave possible.

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