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Welcome angels!

My Angels... there have been times in my life when I have felt alone and afraid. And in the darkness of my terror there was always a beacon of light.... My Angels. They lead me through the darkness back into the light.

Lula Sarah Ellen Stephenson- My Grandmother, left this earth February 11, 1981. Grandma was always there for me as I grew up. Even when she was feeling bad she was there waiting in the wings and cheering me on.
My family had a Christmas tradition. Every Christmas morn Dad would go get Grandma and she'd be there while I opened my presents. The Christmas before she passed away she wasn't going to come. I begged and pleaded that she had to be there. Finally she said she'd be there but only after I promised not to open my presents until later into the morning. Something not too easy for a 10 year -old.
As she promised, Grandma was there. To this day, I think somehow I knew it would be her last Christmas with us.

William Dean Emmons (Billy)- Billy was born with Down Syndrome when my grandmother was 44 years old. He was my pal and best bud as I grew up. There are no children sweeter to walk this earth than those with Down. Billy died at the age of 17 on May 18th, 1981 from the heart defect that came with his affliction.
Billy taught me about kindness and love. He taught me how to take things slowly and enjoy the simple things in life. I miss him.

William Earl Emmons- passed away April 4, 1996. Grandpa was who looked after me after Billy died. I think we shored each other up as we learned to deal with his loss. Grandpa took me can collecting, fishing, and ginsing hunting over the years until a stroke robbed him of his ability to walk and talk. The stroke didn't keep grandpa from letting you know what was on his mind. Many a day we sat together and remembered when we'd see who could catch the most fish or how many trees I reeled in instead. I love you, grandpa. I hope there's some good Bass ponds where you are.

Maria Elizabeth Wayt- Killed May 30, 1998 with her parents near Warrenton, MO. Maria was one of the first persons I met online in 1997. She was always a good friend and listened whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on. She was an Another World fan and taught me so much about Jake and Tom Eplin. There is a special memorial page to her located here. If you'd like to learn more go to: Maria's Memorial

My Living Angels

Louise Milloux- When I doubted, You kept my chin up. When I stopped believing in dreams, you told me to hold on. When the world was dark you helped light my path. To Louise, I will always Love you!

And to Victoria, there are not words to say that speak of what you mean to me. When I couldn't go on you showed me a way. I truely believe that I am alive today because of you. People tell me that I had the strength to endure within me. But I know that without you giving me hope and something to believe in again that I would have been lost. You are my Angel! With all my love, Lori

Ann, you have no idea of how special you are to me. You opened the door and held up a latern to a world that I was fumbling in the dark through and showed me that I could exist, learn and be someone where before I felt of no importance. I hope someday soon I will be able to look back on my life and know that all the pain was worthwhile. Maybe with you and the other's who have reached out and touched my life I will be able to do that.

Wendy, You are the wind beneath my wings. Your passion for teaching. Your love of life and your desire to make the world a better place for Deaf and for hearing have touched my heart. I hope that one day I will be able to live up to your expactation as I strive to be a better preson.

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