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Two of the Lynched Israeli Soldiers
Cut down in their prime

Blood on PLO Hands

        Vadim Nourezitz                           Yosef Avrahami

These photos show the results of the lynching, of these two young Israeli Officers,
their bodies mutilated, and eyes gouged out, after being thrown to the jubilant mob
below the window,
from which their bodies were hurled, by their blood thirsty murderers. 

One of the Palestinian butchers showing the crowd the blood on his
hands to the crowd below.  The body of the young victim thrown to
crowd to butcher and mutilate.

A condolence site in memory of the Two IDF reservists
Vadim Nourezitz and Yosef Avrahami
who were tortured, lynched and murdered, in cold blood by Palestinian policemen and Palestinians
and for the U.S. sailors that  deeded , injured and missing after a
despicable and cowardly terrorist attacker on the US Navy destroyer
Cole in the port city of Aden at :

The blood of Jews on their hands

       An injured Jewish soldier               A 'peace loving'  Palestinian
                                                                 with  blood on his hands

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