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Why Pan and Trunks? -from myself and others

- They are so kawaii (cute) together.

- They are very similar.

- Psychologically, people feel a need to protect, and to be protected. Pan and Trunks have spent their lives protecting others, and the only (available) people they can turn to for protection is each other.

- If they weren't, all those obsessive, insane TP fans would have nothing to do.

- They spent alot of time together in GT.

- They are meant to be.

- Because they spend so much time together in space. If they weren't together, they would miss each other. Remeber the old saying "Longing makes the heart grow fonder". If they spend so much time together in space, than how could they NOT think about each other? They care for each other, and it's genuine. If they wanted it to be "true love", as some people call it, they could have it.

- They are both unique and what makes them differant from others, makes them perfect for each other.

- The age differance is no matter. Trunks' maturity and her innosence would make a strong, bold friendship and relationship.

- The warmness and inviting softness in their eyes. It shows what an honest, caring, trusting kind of love they will have for each other.

- Their devotion to help other's.

- The tears that come out of Pan's eyes. Trunks couls turn thoughs tears into stars.

- Their love could be so strong that they will use that emotion in battle in order to protect each other, no matter the circumstances.

- Their stong friendship.

- The way they can confort each other.

- The way they look so chulos ( cute ) together.

- With time how they grow closer..and as Pan grows older..he'll see a beauy he never noticed before. They will feel feeling they never thought possible.

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Fics and Maturity

Not long ago in an Instant Message, someone asked my boyfriend if he had left my "cold sick body lying naked in the attic". He then told him it was an "inside joke" that I would get. I must say that when I read this I was so appaled I screamed. Needless to say I refuse to talk to this person again, but I feel that since people lacking in maturity are reading my fics, I think this issue needs to be brought up.

When I mark a fic with a warning, it's because I think there are some people who either will be offended by the material at hand, or are not mentally ready to read it. However, since this is the first instance of this kind, I will assume you already know that.

As for the mature situations in my fics, I never, ever put them in for humorous purposes. These are very serious issues which I do not take lightly and I don't expect anyone else to either. In this particular case, he was speaking of Broken and Withered, a fic in which Pan is raped. I didn't sit down at my computer and say "Wow! I'm sure they'll get a kick out of that! Let's write it!" I hesitated to put it in at all to tell the truth. Thankfully, rape is something that has not played a part in my life, and I hope none of you have ever had to face it either, but I won't ignore the fact that it exists. To be raped, especially at a young age or even while a virgin, is perhaps the worst thing that could possibly happen to a woman, and I had that in mind when I wrote the fic.

As I said, I never put those things in for humor, they are rather plot devices to expand the character. When I wrote Broken and Withered, I wanted to delve deeper into Pan's mind than I generally do. I placed her in a horribly tragic situation and explored her reactions to it all. Perhaps I failed at this and a serious situation came off lightly, but either way, I wanted everyone to know my reasoning behind my stories and what I put into them, so that this won't happen again. I do hope that person is reading this right now, and realizes just how much they need to learn.