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I have written so many lines,
over such a long time,
yet not one seems adequate to me,
for none reflect the true love,
within my heart.

I search my soul,
to write a poem that will be,
something no one else can give you,
for I hold you dear,
within my heart.

Deep emotions,
fade from my pen,
I fear to depict what I know I cannot,
because there is only love,
within my heart.

How do I say,
that you are so beautiful?
How do I say,
I love you more than life itself?
Within my heart.

There is one thing,
in which I have no doubt,
no soul can be blessed as much as mine,
our love is a sacred gift from God,
within my heart.

I can only say,
my heart belongs to you,
I can only feel the gift of life you have given me,
I love you so,
within my heart.

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