*Mickey was born April 27, 1964,  in Kirkland Lake,
  Ontario, Canada.    
*He is a graduate of  the  George Brown College,
  in Toronto.
*He has 3 Gemini Award Nominations for his role of
  'Gus Pike' on "AVONLEA"
*He won the Gemini Award in 1993, as 'Lee Colgan' , 
   in "Conspiracy of Silence" and
has since donated his     award to his  hometown.          

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In his Gemini Award winning role of
'Lee Colgan' in

"Conspiracy of Silence"

Whether he is wearing the black hat or the white hat, Michael's  inimitable acting abililties make his roles stand out...you might find  yourself pulling for the bad guy, as it is Mickey's  unique  style to find what is good and innocent in the most reprehensible character and use it in his portrayals.
Michael in the role he is currently best known for: 'Gus Pike', the orphaned sailor with the heart of a Gentleman, from the acclaimed series "Avonlea".
Michael received 3 Gemini nominations while on "Avonlea":
(1993) A Dark and  Stormy Night
(1996) The Return  of Gus Pike
(1997) Return to Me

While Michael was unable to participate in "Happy Christmas Miss King", his fans wish to see him play Gus Pike again...soon!
Michael as the
in Lifetime's  "StrongMedicine"
Episode title
Second Look
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Meet Gus Pike, vagabond boy with the heart of a gentleman,  on the acclaimed series from Canada,  Avonlea, currently seen M-F on CBC and Vision TV, in Canada.  Check your listings for time and availability.

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