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Welcome To Monster rancher Palace

New Look

The new look I've acheived has been brought to us By Frozen Solid Productions, They have dont nothnig but treat us well. If you want to email them about your site, you can contact them I am proud of my site now, I hope I get more hits with this easier look. Thank You - Cary Simon -


I havent really been working on the site much, But now that it is Summer Break from school, I think I can accually get some work done around here. I will be uploading Some cool apps (FSP) is Making for me, Like some flash games and some aol progs, hehe, but all in all, Its gunna be cool.I hope You Guyz N-Joy The Site for now though.

Art Work

Pleaze Email Me Art Work People... This Is gunna be a cool Thing, I might make a contest out of it, and you'll win somethin, this is kinda on the down-low for now though. So check back with me in a couple of dayz, but you can start sending your stuff in and Ill post it.