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Ok, guys, here's the star certificate:

Tad and Dixie Martin Star

Click for the bigger picture to download and/or print out

I had to change the size of the certificate to fit a normal sized piece of paper, but if you'd like the original 8 x 14 copy, then and I'll send it to you.

Here's the map of the star which came with the certificate. It's in the pegasus constellation.

Pegasus Constellation

Do the same thing to see it.

Since our little star venture went so well, and we got into the publications of three, count them, three different soap
opera magazines, I'm putting the articles up here online for all to see. Download them, print them, frame them,
and do whatever else you'd like with them.

 Soaps in Depth Mar. 7- Mar. 21, 2000

 Soap Opera Weekly March 14, 2000

(click on them to view them, or right click, and download them)