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Disclaimer:  I do not own the characters Luke, Laura, or any others relating to General Hospital.  They belong to General Hospital's creator.  In no way am I recognizing them as my own.  No infringement intended.


Title:  You Swore To Me


Rating:  R to NC-17, a lot of romance!


Summary:  Flooded with promises and memories, Laura tells Luke what she feels, asks him what she feels, remembers again their life at the beginning, and wondering why they can't have it.


Classification:  Luke and Laura Romance


Author:  Paradise, please, e-mail me at  

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Comment:  This is my first story…be gentle if you hate it…



9:14 PM


            "Luke," was all she could say.

            "Is Lulu all right?"

            "Yeah, yeah, they're fine."

            "Are you all right?"

            Laura thick black eye lashes and big blue eyes played with him, blinking in a flirting, yet sad way.  She began pacing.


            She turned back to him.

            "When I was younger, when we were both younger, I knew what to say.  I knew what to do.  I knew that part of me, and that part of you, and now, I don't know what to say.  I have no idea what to say and I have no idea what I'm talking about."

            Luke kept a straight face.  Laura looked at him, her eyes as completely there as his.

            "Excuse me, Luke, you're mad at me?  I'm not the one who slept with someone else!"

            "Yes you did!  But we're divorced, so I guess it doesn’t matter, does it?"

            "Yes, we've made that clear, but when we were married, you found Felicia."

            Luke looked away. 

            "You told me that night at the disco that it killed you inside to know I was with Scotty.  You acted like I was the one betraying you. I was happily married to someone else, and we hadn't even met before I was already involved with Scotty."

            Luke looked at her, what the hell did this have to do with anything now?

            "You were so intense, so...intense, and I wasn't used to it.  I wasn't used to anything like that.  And we had the greatest time of our lives, and now look what we've done."

            "We can't go back."

            "You swore you'd never let me go.  And I hate you for breaking that promise.  Because I was like everyone else and I screwed up."

            Laura closed her eyes and Luke looked away, not being able to come up with an answer.  Was this what she thought he wanted?  This wasn’t his vision of happiness either.  





            Luke knocked on the door hard.

            "Who is it?"

            "IT'S ME!!!"

            "Look, I'm tired, I'm going to bed."

            "Oh oh, really?  I don't think so, not right now, everybody's tired, open the door."

            "I've been up all night!"

            "I've been up all night!  Listen you little witch, open the door!"

            Laura's face was shocked as it fell to the floor and was shattered.

            "Are you mad at me," she said sweetly.

            "Choke you, open the door Laura."

            Laura playfully walked over to her horrible front door in her little red robe.  She took hold of the handle and heard Luke's angry voice.

            "On three, one, two, THREE!"

            Luke came through the door and Laura let out a cute "ooh".  Luke looked around for a man to be in her room, and saw Laura pointing to what he'd broken from banging the door.

            "Sorry," he said slamming the door.

            "Oh, terrific, now we'll never get it open."

            She began walking away from him, he followed.

            "Listen, if you ever mess around like that again, I'm gonna break your neck."

            She picked up some pillows.  "Like what again," she said smoothly.

            He chuckled angerily.  "Like what again?  Don't give me like what again!  Coming onto that guy at the parade, what do you think you're doing?  You know, you're opening yourself for that guy just to move in on you, who was the jerk?!?"

            "Just a guy," she said casually.

            "Just a guy," he repeated, furious.  Her eyes were smiling, her mouth she was controlling.  "Well this guy doesn't know that you only did that to get to me!  Even the Australian hasn't figured that out yet!"

            "Well, you certainly are sure of yourself, aren't you?"

            Luke crinkled his nose. 

            "Look," she said.  "Can I help it if I happen to like Robert Scorpio, and the other guy too?"

            Luke grabbed her so hard she was scared.  She thought he would hurt her.  His hands digging into her arms, his face angry, her eyes confused. 

            "Dammit," he said to her.

            She thought he was going to hurt her, she frowned at him, and his face turned to desperation.  Before she could think his lips were on her, more than on her, he was inside her heart.  He had taken over.  Jesus.  She kissed him back. 

            "I oughta kill you," he said holding her.

            "Oh, but then I wouldn't be here."

            He grabbed her arms again and made her look at him.

            "Laura Laura listen, don't get mixed up with men you don't know."

            How ironic he would say that to her.  "I'm not mixed up...with anyone but you.  You know that."

            He ripped off his jacket.  "Well, you have one hell of a way, of showing it-"

            And that grabbing and kissing thing again.  Luke's specialty.  He was planting kisses all over her face.

            "I just wanna remind you...that I'm here, waiting."

            "Oh, Laura."

            She pulled back after another kiss.  She looked at him curiously, searching.

            "Are you ready to go back to Beecher's Corners?"

            "Oh, I don't think I've left."

            "Me neither," she cried...



Present Day

9:41 PM


            "We had a wonderful, beautiful life," he said sadly.

            "And you swore you loved me and you swore you'd never let me go."

            "You wanted someone else.  You had a son with someone else and didn't bother to tell me.  That’s a slightly large thing to leave out for sixteen years."

            Her eyes opened wide.  "You know why I didn’t tell you.  But I couldn't handle the fact that it had happened inside myself, thank you for caring about that though.  You almost had a child with Holly.  You were in love with her, I loathed the father of my son."

            "But you didn't tell me."

            "Maybe a part of why is that I knew you'd react this way."

            "React what way?  When you told me you slept with him, I didn't care about what I felt, just that you survived.  When you told me you married him, I didn't stop loving you, but when you don't trust me, how do I continue?"

            "Is everything about you, Luke?  Maybe I couldn't deal with it."

            "Couldn't deal with what?  You should've told me!"

            "And you should've told Holly you were alive!"

            His eyes narrowed.  That was 1983 for God’s sake.  "Let's not go into that-"

            "YOU LIED!  Now you have your life of emptiness and never ending need to fight Helena with your girlfriend and I have the empty house, the full glass of wine and a daughter I love but have no idea how to explain this to.  I still hear you saying what you used to say to me.  You think you loved me so much, but if this is all you loved, when it was easy, then I don't know what to think."

            Luke was awake for sure now.  "Don't you ever question my love for you."

            “How could you throw Felicia in my face like that-and if you dare say I did the same thing with Stefan I will kill you!  I wanted to tell you everything but after I told you about Nikolas you refused to hear anything else.  So you can’t complain about not knowing more!  Sure, I should’ve tried harder, but I wanted you to look at me again.  And when I was with Stefan, we were much more subtle than you.  Much more discrete, you just assume we weren’t because you hate me for looking at him.”

"You took her on your search for Lucky!  What were you thinking?  How could you do that to me?"

            "Do what?"

            She slapped him as hard as she could.  He grabbed her fists and she thought he was going to hit her.  At this moment, she didn't care, she was willing to hit him back, hard, to make him hurt.

            "You gonna hit me, Luke," she said calmly, tears falling down her face.

            His expression didn’t change, and she placed her head down and cried.  He shook her and she fought back, pushing him away from her, screaming at him, but he wouldn't let her go. 

            "Come on, Luke, tell me how wrong I am!  How stupid I was to not tell you I had someone else's child!  Tell me how much you don't love me, that you could never have forgiven that much and I was stupid to even bother!  And then tell me why I shouldn’t have stayed with a man who never looked at me differently.”

            Nothing could've made him angrier than that.  And she'd made him pretty angry for a while now.  He tightened his hands around her wrists, then dropped them, grabbed her face and held her.  Only for a minute before she lifted her head to look at him and he kissed her, catching her off guard, almost swallowing her whole in the process.  At first she kissed him back, missing that tension she'd only felt with him.  But then, she pulled back and slapped him again, sobbing a little.  He didn't move away from her or let her wrist go, so she pushed him.

            "I hate that you do that and you feel so proud of yourself, it’s all still a game.”

            He clutched her to him.  Holding her close and cupping the back of her head, caressing her hair.  Gut wrenching sobs exuded from Laura.  He'd held her before and then left, he’d do it again. 

            "When you told me Lucky was dead, you went to someone else, a couple of people actually.  So go, now.  It was once again really stupid of me to do this.  I just keep expecting there to be an answer, a reason or a way out, but there isn’t.  So I won’t do it again and you can go.  Just like you always do."

            "Laura, shut the hell up, would you?"


            "Yes, you!  You don't know what's in my head because I don't know what's in my head.  But I know you’re wrong to think that I just stopped loving you or that I couldn’t forgive you.  I hurt you and I did something that made you not trust me, and I never figured out what that was because I thought you knew I loved you.  I thought you knew I would always love you and you didn’t believe in that.  But I still do.  You know that-"

            "No, I don't.  I don’t know that.  You told me that once upon a time-"

            "And once upon a time you told me you trusted me with anything.  This all happened because you didn’t believe I loved you but how could I have any realistic reasons if I let you think I didn’t still."

            "We've both screwed up, we both tried to hurt each other, to cause the pain.  But you won't forgive me for something as..." she couldn't finish.

            "For something as small as another man's child?"

            "That's not what I was going to say, Luke!"

            She pulled away but he held her directly in front him.

            "Don't run away from me!  And don't screw up your life-"

            "Oh don't even start with me on that one!  I'm not eighteen anymore.  Now, when you hit me, I'll hit back!"

            Luke was at a loss for words.  Laura looked at him, waiting for him to say something, but he didn't.  She sighed, her face drenched, her mascara running. 

            "Get out," she said.  “I’m sorry I asked you to show up, because I had this idea in my mind that maybe we wouldn’t take our best shots at each other.”

            She shook her head and turned away.

            "Dammit," he said, pulling her back, "Would you stop trying to leave?  Talk to me.  Tell me what you're feeling because obviously the fact that you didn’t feel you could was the problem."

            She licked her lips and leaned into his ear.  "I'm mad at you," she said with such pain, tears in her voice.

            "I know."

            "I still...I still love you, and I want you to love me like you said you did...but you don't."

            "Yes I do."

            "How can I tell?  You're not with me, you're not holding me like you swore you would!"

            "I am holding you," he hissed. 

            She cringed in tears.  He cupped her face again and kissed her, tangling his hands through her thick hair, very slowly.  It had been forever since they'd been in a moment like this, and they both knew it was the best feeling in the world.  Luke ran his hands all over her body, sending shivers and sparks, along with more tears down her body.  His arms climbed around her like vines, and she kissed him back with the youth inside of her that would always want this.

            He unbuttoned her shirt and slid it off so she was just in her bra.  He continued to kiss her, to make love to her, not just to sleep with her.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him, shaking still from the tears.  She remembered when Stavros left the necklace on the bed, Luke threw off the bed and pulled her roughly to him.  She felt so safe in his arms, like everything was going to be okay.  And it was, until she had to tell him all of it, years later.

            She made him look at her, and found herself saying words she hadn't said to him in twenty years. 

            "You still love me, I can see it in your eyes."

            "Yes I do.  I never stopped."

            "I'm still mad at you," she said softly.

            "Oh baby, I'm still mad at you, that's not a problem," he said pulling her back. 

            Laura giggled loudly, still feeling sad that he wouldn’t stay.

            "I'll stay if you want me to."


            Dammit, Luke thought.  That's what Felicia had said.  It sounded so much better when Laura said it though.

            He consumed her lips and she felt the flames of desire lick through her.  His arms around her, they'd grown apart, but by choice, his choice, but she knew that the love hadn't changed.  There was just pain added the past few years that made the distance overcome the love they still felt.  If he double-crossed her this time, she swore she'd kill him. 



Luke and Laura's Apartment Building


            After playing the game of who was right and who would drive the other up the wall faster, Luke looked at nineteen year old Laura and knew she’d completely won the battle. 

            "So, why don't you just lead the way since you are the Lord and master and I am but a humble and lonely servant.  May I open the door for you?"


            "May I turn off your lights for you?"


            "May I drive your car for you?"

            She just smiled.

            "Will you buy the gas for me," he said.



Present Day


            "I want you to kiss me," she said.

            His lips softly came down on hers, and without meaning to, tears slipped down her face from how much she'd missed it.  He wrapped his arms around her and murmured "baby", which she would only allow him to call her.  It only sounded good when he said it.  Anything he said sounded good to her. 

            "I'm starving."

            "Not now Laura," he moaned.

            She giggled again as he began to place kisses all over her body.  His kisses began on her neck, soft, electric kisses, and then moved down to her clavical.  She felt his arms go behind her to unhook her bra, and he moved his body just enough away from her to remove it.  She then felt his warm body against hers, his mouth enveloping her own, swiftly, intensely. 

            Her breasts were against his chest, his arms caressing her back, his lips teasing her mouth. 


            "Not right now," he said kissing her again.

            "Wha...what are you talking about?" Laura said.

            "What were you going to say?"

            "I have no idea."

            "Then shut up."

            His hands were on her breasts now, squeezing them gently, his mouth trailing from her lips to her neck again, his hands caressing her breasts until his mouth reached them.  Tiny, tickling kisses all over her breasts, his tongue encircling her small, pink nipple, then suckling hard on it.  He darted his tongue over her nipple, which hardened beneath his touch.


            He quickly came up and kissed her mouth.  Together, they quickly rid each other from the rest of their clothes.  She felt so safe with him, so close.  They slid to the floor slowly.