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Disclaimer:  I do not own Laura, Luke, Frisco, Felicia, Robert, Holly Sutton Scorpio, Alex Devane, or any other characters relating to General Hospital.  No infringement intended.


Title:  Whenever Hearts Collide


Rating:  NC-17 for sexual situations


Summary:  Part two of “Long Lost Love”, where Robert is found alive by Alex Devane, Luke, Laura, and Holly!  In this continuation, Laura has a wild romance with Frisco, but after a series of precious moments between these characters, all ends the way we’d all want.


Keywords:  Laura/Frisco Romance, Luke/Holly Romance, Robert/Holly Romance, Frisco/Felicia Romance, and LUKE/LAURA ROMANCE.


Dedication:  Jack Wagner, Genie Francis, Anthony Geary, Emma Samms, Tristan Rogers, and Kristina Wagner…





Whenever Hearts Collide

By Paradise


            Laura Webber Spencer had gone back to Port Charles, with Alex Devane Marick, Holly Sutton Scorpio, Robert Scorpio, and Luke. 

            Holly asked Laura if she was going to get back together with Luke, but Laura wasn’t so sure.  She really wanted to try being a free woman.  She abruptly left Lesley Lu with Robert, who adored her, and flew away to Florida for a vacation.  She needed to exhale…


Miami Beach

4:02 PM


            Laura walked along the beach in a white sundress, showing off her shapely legs.  It hung slightly loosely about her, but it was incredibly sexy.  Her golden hair blew in the salty air, and for once, she felt peace.  Her toes felt cool when the waves hit them against the damp sand.  It was so hot.  She saw people with their dogs, and suntan lotion, but she had been spanning the world.  It was weird to witness “normal”.  Laura then saw a man, gorgeous, lying on the sand, tanning.  He was beautiful.  Then she realized she knew him.  She ran up to him.  Was it him?


            He opened his eyes and looked at her.  “Laura,” he said disbelieving.  He stood up.  She laughed.  “Yes!” she cried hugging him.

            “My God, Laura,” he said.  “You look beautiful.  It’s been so many years.”

            “What are you doing here?”

            “Oh, career is here for the moment, and I’m taking a week of vacation.”
            He couldn’t deny even in front of her what seeing her was doing to him.  It was making him feel something he hadn’t in a long time.  It was like a charge went through his body when she embraced him.  He hadn’t known her that well but certainly seemed unable to take his eyes off her now.  She sparkled with soul and meaning. 

            “How’s Luke?”
            Laura smiled.  “He’s fine.  He’s with our daughter.”

            Should I tell him Robert’s alive?  No, not right now.

            “You have a daughter?  That’s right, how old?”
            “God, you and Luke, you were made for each other, weren’t you?  How long you been married?”

            Laura didn’t let that bother her in the least.  “We were married nineteen years.”


            “Yes.  He left me for Felicia.  Sort of.”
            Frisco’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.  “Felicia…and…and Luke?”
            “They grew…close.  They had an affair.”

            “What the hell?  Well, is she all right?  What about our children?”
            “I saw Maxie before I left, she’s fine.  Beautiful and strong.  Your daughter Georgie is fabulous.  Before this happened she would socialize a lot with my daughter, since they’re about the same age.  Felicia…I don’t know, she’s probably fine.  I’m not really looking out for the woman who took my husband from me, but she’s a survivor.”

            “Jesus, Laura.  I’m sorry.  I can’t even imagine what that must’ve been like.  Wow, Luke and Felicia.  I’d like to punch Luke in the nose.”

            “To say nothing of what I’d like to do to Felicia.”

            He then looked at her with genuine concern, and something else, which looked like desire. 

            “Was Felicia married?”

            “Oh yes.  To Mac Scorpio.  He was heart broken.”

            “Are they still?”

            “No.  Luke and I divorced on our nineteenth anniversary.”
            Frisco surprisingly cupped the side of her face with one hand.  His touch was electric.  She gasped at the suddenness of it.
            “Well, I hate to be trite, but since we’re both single, mind if I take you out to a great restaurant nearby, forget the stupidity of our ex’s?  Catch up, maybe?”
            His eyes washed over her warmly, and she felt her body tingle. 

            “Absolutely.  You’ve only seen me when I’m pregnant, and I’m not this time!”  They laughed.  “When?”

            “Now,” he whispered. 



Two Hours Later


            “Frisco, try these scallops with saffron sauce.  I hate scallops, but this is incredible!”

            She fed him a bite, and he moaned in delight.  “Your turn.”

            “Okay, we’re going to trade plates for awhile,” he said lifting both of theirs.  “Wait, there’s dessert.”

            “Oh, I’m too full,” Laura said.

            “Well, you can’t miss it.  It’s chocolate decadence.”

            “Get it to go,” she flirted.

            “Were you always this stubborn?”

            Laura smiled.  “Apparently.”


            An hour later, they were walking upstairs, to her hotel room.  She carried the dessert in her hands.  It was awkward, because she desperately wanted to invite him in, but how could she say that with class?  They had scene each other twice in their lives, in 1984 and again in 1994.  Both the loves of their lives had had an affair and here they were, in a beautiful resort…deeply attracted to each other, did that make sense at all?  As she reached the door, she stopped turning to him. 

            “Frisco, thank you.  You have no idea what’s it’s done to me to see you again.”

            He tipped her chin towards him, then caressed her face.  “You’re even more beautiful than I remember.”

            She smiled.  “It’s funny, you’re not.  But then again, you couldn’t be, could you?”

            She began to sense the strangeness between them, and turned to open the door.  He grabbed the dessert box from her. 

            “Hey!” Laura said.

            He opened it, and grabbed a piece.


            He smashed it all over her face.  Her beautiful face was now covered with chocolate muss, and chunks of walnuts and caramel.  Thank god there was more, she could fight back.  She smooshed it all over his face.  They were laughing hysterically.  He bent down and kissed her intensely.  He nibbled the chocolate off most of her face, very erotically.  When he finished, both of them feeling incredibly hot, she turned to the door, then turned back.

            “You wanna come in to wash off your face?” she said pretty innocently.

            “To start with,” he said with which intention on his mind.

            She smiled and opened the door.  They never made it to her bathroom.  He immediately threw her against the wall, kissing her, his hands grabbing her waist, pulling her towards him.  She kissed him openly, their tongues stroking, caressing each other’s.  She moaned into his kiss, feeling so passionate, so hot.  He lifted her up so she was taller then him, slowly lowering her against him as her legs wrapped around his waist.  She ripped off his shirt with her desperate hands and clutched her body to his.  Setting her down and slowing down, he began to dance with her, singing.  He sang his song, “Whenever Hearts Collide.”  It made her fall into a puddle of desire. 

            “Look at these eyes, there’s a new light in them.  You’re in my arms, and I feel alive again.  Just the phoenix rise after he dies, I’m hearing the cries of new beginnings.  Love pushed aside the clouds found me somehow, and now my lonely room is filling with light.  Whenever hearts collide, lovers are born, love is just like you and I, whenever hearts collide, new dreams are formed, dreams that explode in the night.  Whenever hearts collide, lovers are born, love is just like you and I.”

            After his voice, she was history.  Frisco unbuttoned her white sundress, revealing her bare breasts, dipping his head to suckle on them.  She threw her head back in sheer ecstasy.  Laura then felt Frisco’s hands on her ankles, slowly moving up. 

            “Frisco…” she said.

            “Do you want me to stop?”

            “No,” she whispered.

            Spreading her legs a little, she felt his hands slide up, slowly, for the specific purpose of making her insane.  She felt a very surprised gasp escape her lips as he plunged into her intimately.  He heard her whisper his name and beg him to stop.  Laura leaned back against the wall, moaning with pleasure as her legs collapsed from beneath her.  Frisco held her up though, determined to finish what he had started.  His lips and tongue plunders her deeply, her head lolled back and forth, she was lost in nothing but feeling. 

            “Frisco, Frisco…” she said breathing heavily, trying to find someway to produce pain to keep her body from exploding from the sensations he gave her.

            She couldn’t, and screamed softly, grasping his head and sliding down to the floor as she reached a climax.  She was weightless, dizzy and he pulled her into his arms.  She wrapped her half naked body around him, trying to recover. 

            “Don’t ever do that to me again,” she whispered.  “I couldn’t take it again.”

            Frisco lifted her up, pressing her back against the wall, ravaging her lips, trailing down her chest, to her breasts as Laura feverishly unbuttoned his pants, pushing them down quickly.  Laura wanted to repay him with the same torture but Frisco couldn’t wait.  He harshly pulled Laura’s wrists, lifted her up, and threw her to the bed. 

            “Laura…” he said breathlessly.

            “Yes,” was all she said.

            His lips brushed against her collar bone, then transversed to the hollow of her neck with light feathery kisses.  Laura’s fingers played along his ribcage as his tongue drifted across the rise of her breasts and down into the soft valley between them.  She tipped her head back with a whimpering moan as he rubbed his thumbs back and forth over her sensitive, already tightened nipples. Frisco’s mouth fastened on her nipple and he gradually increased the suction until Laura’s breaths came in short gasps. The palms of her hands slid slowly up the taunt muscles of his chest, stealing up around his neck and then plowed through his thick tawny hair.  Laura meshed her hips against his, telling him she wanted more as he dragged his velvety lips back up to her pulsing neck, gently biting her chin.

            Frisco took in her lips that were swollen from his kisses and began a slow plunder of them again.  She turned over so that she was on top, Frisco was lost in the feeling of her skin against his.  He had never felt such silky skin in his life.  Her blonde hair spilled out of his face did remind him of Felicia, but that was the only comparison.  Their passion and the way the expressed it was completely different.  And he had never known anything like this.  Laura took her hips and slowly sank over him, enjoying the feeling of him feeling her completely as he enjoyed being embraced in her velvet heat. 

            She smiled and leaned down to brush her lips with his, not kissing him completely, specifically to torture him.

            “Frisco,” she whispered.

            Laura moved slowly against him as her hands cavorted across his chest, loving the feel of his hard muscles against her fingers.  Frisco had never in his entire life imagined he would ever be making love to Laura, but now that it was happening, he wondered how he could let her go after this.  He moaned as her swollen breasts scraped against his chest, their pointed peaks awakening every nerve ending.

            Laura’s hips shot swiftly into him, drew back, and shot forward again. Frisco could barely move and he reached for Laura, his hands spanned her waist and with each stroke he pulled her down more solidly onto him.  She wrapped her legs around his waist, inviting his urge as he grasped her more forcefully to him.  The sharp hammer of his pelvis so desperately in need to meet hers was already causing tremors to pulse through her body. He felt her begin convulse under him, sucking him in deeper and he drove into her with a sure, steady rhythm. Knowing how much he had to give her everything left inside of him, he didn’t stop, but increased the friction.  Laura alternately squeezed and relaxed her muscles around him and Frisco had reached his limit.

            “Laura,” Frisco said just barely.

            She grabbed the back of his head and molded herself to him to take his last powerful thrusts, crushing her lips fiercely to his. Laura’s tongue shot into his mouth as hers lunged up to meet his. Laura’s fingers dug into his back as they exploded together in a throbbing fiery climax. Their sweat-drenched bodies lay entwined as they gasped to catch a breath.

            Laura leaned over on top of him, caressing his heavily breathing face, sensually tracing his lips with her finger.  He captured her finger in his mouth, massaging it gently with his tongue.  She removed her tongue despite his protests and kissed him where her finger had been.  She was the one in power here, that was obvious.  He was the one she controlled, with feeling and action.

            “This is the best vacation I’ve had in a long time,” she whispered erotically.

            It was his turn now.  He sat up like a bolt of lightening, gripping her arms and throwing her down as he returned the favor she had given.  They made love possessively, passionately, and fiercely.  Laura never imagined Frisco would be like that, or that she would be naked in his arms.  His hands touched her body, touched her in places she’s forgotten.  His touch teased her, and what he felt was nothing short of what she did.  He felt the passion and the power she never intended to deny.  It made him quiver.  Their hearts collided, inside each other’s bodies.



The Next Day


            Frisco and Laura went back to the beach, playing in the waves.  He dunked her, pulled her to him, kissed her deeply.  He chased her, splashed her, made her feel young again, like nothing was the matter.  She’d never known this part of him, and began to wonder if she knew this part of herself.  Yes, she had.  Luke.  But Frisco wasn’t Luke. 

            That night that went dancing, and he sang to her, a song she remembered hearing on the radio in 1984, “All I Need.”  She loved “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You”.  She knew he wouldn’t sing “Lady of My Heart”, that was Felicia’s, but she was in Frisco’s arms, and Felicia may be in Luke’s.  It was Frisco and Laura’s choice, and she felt so attracted, so desired with Frisco.

            They made love every night, and often during the day.  They walked along the beaches, even went bowling.  He made her laugh, he made her feel desire for him, just by being in the same room with him, and he certainly desired her.  He showed his impatience almost every time they made love, and she savored that.  She savored that she could be suddenly with someone she hadn’t seen in several years, hadn’t had a real conversation with since before Lucky was born.  And that the passion was there, the thrill, the undeniable sexuality between them.  And of course there was more.

            The last day of her vacation came, and she tried to say goodbye, in his arms. 

            “Frisco, you have been a dream.  A dream come to life.  This was meant to happen, I think.  But…do you want me give Felicia a message?”

            Frisco smiled.  “I’m coming back with you.  I’m going back to Port Charles for awhile at least.”


            “Yeah.  I’m not gonna let you go now.  I wanna be with you.  I can’t promise to stay forever, because of my career, but I need to see her, and my daughters.”

            “I want that too, I wanna be with you, Frisco.”



A Week Later


            They landed in Port Charles, got off the plane, and headed home.  Frisco and Laura stopped at the grocery store, and as they gathered her groceries, they saw Felicia.  Felicia was stunned beyond belief, and that enormous smile she made as she ran into his arms. 

            “Oh my God!  Frisco!”

            He hugged her back, and Laura didn’t even mind.  She knew Frisco would always love Felicia.

            “Hey, Princess.”

            “Where have you been?”

            “Well, I ran into Laura in Florida, and after a week, I decided to come home and see you.”

            Felicia kissed his face over and over.  “God, I have missed you.”

            “So have I,” he said honestly, then felt a little guilty that Laura was standing there.

            Felicia looked at Laura.  “Were you…with Laura for a week?”

            Felicia looked at Laura with pure hate, but Laura’s face was completely calm.  Felicia looked at Frisco, and knew right away they’d slept together.  She turned around and slapped Laura.  Frisco grabbed Felicia’s wrist.

            “Felicia!” Frisco said.  “What the hell’s the matter with you?”

            “You slept with her!”

            “And you’re point is?”

            “How could you?” Felicia demanded, as if she hadn’t slept with several men since they’d separated.

            “Felicia, your marriage was long over before Frisco and I…got close,” Laura sneered, never flinching from the slap.

            Laura hadn’t felt this good in years, replaying Felicia’s line that tore her apart, and throwing it back in Felicia’s face.

            “Oh, so this was payback!”

            “Stop it Felicia!  Don’t play the victim here.  If you would like to blame someone, blame me!”

            “I’ll go get the car,” Laura said and exited the scene.

            Frisco said the words Felicia needed to hear, because she calmed down enough to let Frisco get in the car with Laura.

            “You’re going to her house?”

            “I’m going to stay in a hotel, don’t worry.  I was wondering if I could see our daughters.”

            “Yes, of course you can.  But Mac has raised them, he’s been here, you haven’t.”

            “I understand.  I’m not going to take anything away from Mac, I couldn’t.  But if you would allow me to see them…Maxie,” he said, his eyes shining with love and desperation.  “And Georgie, she is so beautiful.”

            “Frisco…” she said, trying to stop him.

            “Felicia, I’m going.  I will call you, and I will never expect anything from you or the girls.  I’m a little shocked still about you and Luke Spencer.”

            Felicia’s eyes widened.  “She told you that!”
            “Unwillingly.  I asked how Luke was, and I asked about their marriage, she said they were divorced.  I asked why.”

            “Why that stuck up bitch!  She didn’t mention Stefan did she?”

            “You were the one that slept with her husband.  And yes, she did mention Stefan actually.  Don’t make a scene, Felicia, I’m going to check into a hotel, and I will see you soon.”  Frisco looked at Felicia, dazzled.  “You look great.”

            He drove off with Laura.



Two Weeks Later


            Though Frisco stayed in a hotel, he spent most of the nights in the arms of Laura.  He spent time with Lulu, but more time with his daughters of course.  Frisco and his daughters seemed to be getting closer by the minute, and Laura made sure Mac knew he could never ever be replaced.  Maxie was furious at first, demanding that only Mac was their father, but slowly they began to get to know each other.  Georgie was much more willing. 

Luke came home after two weeks away, stopping by to see Lulu, and Frisco was there.  Once again he saw his daughter playing with another man.  Luke couldn’t believe he was seeing Frisco and was immediately happy.  But this man abandoned his two daughters.  Laura came out from the back, and dropped the glass of milk she was holding.

            “Luke,” Laura said, surprised and knew this was going to be bad. 

            Laura had admitted her love for Luke on the Cassadine island when they found Robert, they’d made love twice and now she was in the arms of his ex-girlfriend’s ex-husband?  Someone please explain logic.

            “Laura, Frisco,” Luke said pleasantly, not yet understanding the relationship but was thrilled to see his old friend.  “It’s been a long time.  What are you doing back here?” Luke said happily.

            Frisco was extremely furious with Luke for sleeping with Felicia.  He stood up and placed his hands on each side of Laura’s waist.  Laura felt immediately uncomfortable. 

            “Laura found me in Florida, and after a week of getting to know each other, I came back here.”


            “Does Felicia know?” Luke asked, now understanding, yet a thousand new questions came about.
            “Oh boy does she know,” Laura said. 

            Frisco’s hand delicately played with a strand of Laura’s blonde hair.  Holly came through the door.

            “Oh, Luke,” Holly said.  “Didn’t expect you back yet.  Isn’t it great about Laura finding Frisco?”

            “Oh I’m thrilled,” Luke said sarcastically.

            “Luke, would you like to see your daughter,” Laura said, trying to ease the pressure and hopefully Holly would have Frisco alone for a minute so Laura could talk to Luke.

            “Thank you, Laura.  Come here honey,” Luke said.

            Lulu ran into her father’s arms. 

            “Uh, Luke, would you like to stay and catch up and all you’ve missed?” Holly said to ease the discomfort.

            Luke gave Laura the evil eye.  “I think I’ve already caught up on all you’ve been doing.  Do you mind if I take my daughter outside?”

            “Yes, you may take our daughter outside.”

            “Good afternoon, Holly.  You look beautiful as usual.”

            He slammed the door, and Holly and Laura burst out laughing.  Holly ran over and hugged Laura.  Frisco kissed Laura softly on the lips, and left kindly to see his daughters, allowing Laura time to talk with Luke.  Laura rolled her eyes at the thought of trying to reason with Luke, and Holly gave her support.

            “I feel terrible, I feel so damn cheap.  Luke confessed his love, I confessed mine, we made love on the island but…it can’t all be fixed by a moment of fear that we’ll lose each other.  He knew what I’d gone through on the island and he wanted to be there this time.  I understand, I’d wanted him there also.  But…this is the real world.  I…have to talk to him though.”

            “Go on, you’re right.  He was an angel to you on the island.  Stop denying that you love him.”

            “I’ve never denied that, Holly.  But he did.”

            Holly gave Laura’s hand a squeeze of support and Laura walked outside.  Luke was talking to Lulu, but turned to see her.

            “Hi,” she said.  “You’re probably wondering why what’s going on is, and you probably want to understand-“

            “That’s the last thing I want, Laura,” he said quickly, determined to hide his pain.

            Laura sat down next to him.  Holly came out and Lulu ran into her arms.  Laura thanked Holly and turned back to Luke.

            “Do you love me, Luke?”

            “Yes dammit!  And I thought you loved me!”

            She touched his face, but he grabbed her hand, standing back.  It startled her.  He didn’t let go of her wrist.

            “I do love you,” she said angrily. 

            “So you slept with him?  Pardon me if I’m a little confused.  You haven’t seen him in years, it’s not like you had known him for a particularly long time in the first place, excuse me if I’m just a little stunned!”

            Laura closed her eyes, suddenly wishing that wasn’t the first thing on everyone’s mind.

            “Luke, I’m not going to have this conversation with you.  You left me four years ago.  You threw me away.  I’m not ready to do this again when I still don’t believe you don’t still hold it all against me.  I don’t want you to have Felicia in your thoughts, when you’re with me.  I don’t want you to have Stefan in your thoughts when you are with me.  Now maybe that’s unrealistic, but that’s how I feel.  And I know you don’t believe me, but Frisco is not revenge against Felicia or you.  I found him on the beach, completely by coincidence.  You don’t believe that either I’m sure, but I need to know that you love me.”

            “Yes, I love you!  On that damn island, I thought you were gonna be mine again.  I thought you could forget the past.”

            “I’m trying, and that has to be good enough if you love me.”

            “I do, you know that.”

            She turned away from him, taking her hand back.  He gripped her long, golden hair and pulled her back.

            “Are you in love with Frisco?”

            Laura thought a few seconds.  “Maybe, but not the way I loved and…love you.  I’m not ready yet to risk my love for you again because of all the things it cost.  Can you wait for me?”

            He looked at her with such intensity, such determination.  He smothered his mouth of hers.  His lips kissed all over her face, her lips, her temples, her eyes, bring back so many memories.  She was truly lost in his desperation, allowing him to bring back the feeling she’d always felt with him.  An unintended moan escaped her lips as she responded only for a few seconds.  Then she pushed him away. 

            “Luke, stop.”

            He jerked her a little, forcing her to listen to him and to remember.

            “We made love on that island, Laura.  Did you mean it then?  I will never forget the way you looked.  Your golden hair blowing, your face streaked with tears, the emotion and expression in your face never wavers.  I need you again, and you are telling me I have to wait?”

            “Do YOU have to wait?  Yes!  You made me wait years just for you to look at me again the way you used to!  Frisco is a part of my life right now.  You figure out what it is you want exactly!”

            “Are you going to continue sleeping with him?”

            Her frown grew into more anger.  “Are you worried about Felicia?”

            “Felicia?” he said as if having no idea what she was talking about.  “Laura, you’re driving me insane.”

            That made her happy.

            “Good.  Robert!”

            Laura saw Robert coming up the front steps.  He kissed Laura on the lips softly, which was always nice.

            “Robert, I’ve gotta go get Lulu and take her inside, did you see Frisco leave?”

            Luke rolled his eyes.  “Frisco!  Laura-“

            Robert smacked Luke in the chest to shut him up.  “Uh Laura, could I have a minute alone with this idiot here?”

            “I beg your pardon,” Luke said.

            “I beg your pardon,” Robert replied, “Put a sock in it.”

            “Some things never change,” Laura said smiling, remembering them argue on the Haunted Star with Mikkos upstairs, and then again on Ice Princess Island.  “I’ve gotta go, Holly’s inside, in case you’re wondering.”
            “Thank you, Laura,” Luke said.  “I saw her already.

            She gave him the look.  “I was speaking to Robert.”

            Laura, in her white tank top and her blue jeans, walked away from them.

            “Luke, what the hell’s the matter with you,” Robert said angrily.

            “Scorp, what-“

            “What are you giving her crap about?”

            “She’s sleeping with Frisco!”

            “Whoa, you sleep with Felicia, now you’re divorced and suddenly she’s at fault?  Rewind please.”

            “She slept with a Cassadine!”

            “Oh shut up.  You slept with Felicia Jones when you had Laura?  When I met you, all you could see was Laura.  That love doesn’t go away.  What the hell were you thinking?  I mean, I know she’s a nice thing to look at, Felicia, but you had the gold, why go for the pyrite?”

            “Kangaroo breath, I don’t really need advice from you on women-“

            “Oh yes you do!  How could you do that to Laura?  She’s so full of life and strength, and she loves you!  At least she did.  And now you’re planning to give her grief for doing whatever she’s doing with Frisco Jones.  I personally think it serves you right, but I don’t think she’s doing it to you.  How tactful or discreet were you when you were head over heels-or should I say, heels over head with Felicia?”


            “If you hurt Laura again, I will kill you myself.  I love that woman, and she deserves better.  And if you can’t give it to her-“

            “What, you will?  You’re in love with Laura?”
            Robert smiled.  “Everyone’s in love with Laura.  How can you not be?  You’re not the only man that’s loved her.”

            Back inside, Laura felt really nauseous, and Lulu was begging for attention.  She couldn’t give it to her, she had to get out.  She knew she would either throw up or pass out, and she was breaking out in a sweat.

            “Holly, would you stay with Lulu for awhile?”

            “Oh sure!  Go, get out of here.  You look really fatigued, Laura, you all right?”
            “Our husbands-our ex husbands are outside arguing.”

            Laura threw her head back and laughed.  She said goodbye to Holly and got in the car and drove. 


Laura’s House

Four Hours Later


            Laura came home, finally feeling better.  The nausea had FINALLY passed and she ate something to rid herself of the fatigue.  She was getting cramps, God she hated periods.  Frisco ran into the house, flying into Laura’s arms.

            “Frisco, what?  What happened?” Laura said, holding him.

            “My daughters, they’re just incredible, Laura.  Georgie told me she loved me and…I think she meant it.”

            Laura hugged him back, feeling him tremble.  “Shh, it’s all right, of course she meant it,” she said happily.

Laura sat on the couch, Frisco sitting across from her.  Frisco hadn’t left her side pretty much since they’d first seen each other on the beach.  She felt a real connection with him, and when she was with him, she felt young again. 

            “Laura, come here.”

            Laura stood up and held hands with him.  He kissed her deeply, bending her body back, so it curved perfectly with his.  They released each other’s lips, gasping for air, and just stood, forehead to forehead, limbs entwined. 
            “I love you,” he said.

            The air left her lungs.  Did he just say it?
            “You do?”

            “More than anyone will ever know.  I love you.  I was so lucky to find you on the beach that day…” he trailed off when she began to breathe hard.

            She began to moan in pain.

            “Laura, Laura, what?” he said holding her.
            “I don’t know, I don’t…oh my god.  Let go of me, let go!”

            He tried to pull her to him, but she broke free and ran. 

            “I’ll call an ambulance!” he called after her.

            “No!  I’ll be right back!”

            He was worried out of his mind.  She was in so much pain.  What happened?  A few minutes later, but what seemed like hours, she came out of the bathroom.  Her face was white, her lips were blue.  Her hair was drenched from sweating, blood was on her.  He ran over to her, shaking her lightly.

            “What happened?!?”

            “Nothing,” she said, trying to break free.

            “No, no, Laura, come on!  I’ve got to take you to the hospital!”


            “Why not?”
            “Because it was nothing, it wasn’t important.”

            “Well, it’s important to me, you look like a ghost and you’re bleeding.  Come here-“
            “Let me go, Frisco-“

            “Not until you tell me.”

“You don’t wanna know-“

“Yes I do!”
Her face began to cry.  “I uh…I just miscarried.”

            His face turned surprised and sympathetic.  “Wha…ours,” he said.

            “Yes, I haven’t been with anyone else.  I didn’t know, I would’ve told you.”

            “Oh my God, you just lost our baby?”

            She cried softly.  He held her, stunned still, and yet wishing she hadn’t lost it.  He held her tight, as his own eyes swelled up.

            “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know-“

            “Laura, that baby will always be ours.  I’m so sorry, God.  But I have to take you to the hospital-“


            “Why the hell not?”

            “Because then everyone would find out.  Felicia would.”

            Frisco’s eyes understood.  “Laura, this is not about Felicia.  This is about the fact that you need to get medical treatment-“

            “Well then have your brother do it, because I don’t want anyone to find out.  Especially Felicia.”

            “Or Luke.”

            She looked up at him.  “I didn’t tell you I love you back, but I do.  I never knew I could feel this way.  I love you.  And no one could ever understand how much we can love each other, but yet know that you belong with Felicia, and I belong with Luke.  But I am in love with you, and I always will be.  And I’m…sorry about the baby-”

            “You’re sorry?  My God, don’t be sorry.  I don’t wanna leave you.  I don’t wanna leave you ever, but we do know we should.  We both knew it wouldn’t be forever.  But let me be with you a while longer?”

            She smiled.  “I wanna be with you.  Don’t leave me.”

            “I have never loved anyone the way I love you,” he told her.

            “The words from my mouth.   I’m still in a lot of…pain, please take me to the hospital.  What got Luke and I screwed up in the first place was lies, and I can’t wait to hear him yell at me at this one.  I’ll probably get death threats from Felicia too.  Ow, oh my God,” she said at the pain in her body from hemorrhaging.

            He swooped her up in his arms, and she cried from the loss of her child.



General Hospital

Twenty Minutes Later


            “Laura,” Bobbie said rushing towards her.

            “Bobbie,” she breathed, still weak from the miscarriage.

            “What happened, hi Frisco,” she said as he supported Laura’s half standing position.

            “Bobbie, you’ve gotta keep this a secret.  I just lost a baby.”

            Bobbie was caught off guard, but this wasn’t the time to ask questions.  Tony came over, and got Laura into a bed.  The wheeled her into a room and Bobbie told Frisco to wait.  He did, extremely reluctantly.  Tony began running tests and monitoring the bleeding.

            “How long ago did you miscarry, Laura?” Bobbie asked.

            “About an hour ago.  It-hurts, Bobbie,” Laura said, grasping for Bobbie’s hand.

            “How far along were you?” Bobbie said taking Laura’s hand in hers.

            Laura laughed a little, her eyes closed.  “I couldn’t have been very far along, I didn’t know I was until this incredible pain hit me and then I just bled.  Can Frisco please come in?”

            Bobbie agreed.  Laura started crying from the pain.  Frisco got a cold wash close and began dampening her face with it.  Barbara didn’t know whom she should tell first, Luke or Felicia.  But Laura wouldn’t want that.  And it was Laura’s business.  Bobbie just felt like Luke should know.  But bite your tongue Barbara Jean, let Laura do whatever she needs to. 

            “Laura, I want you to calm down, we’re going to do an ultrasound.  See if the baby is still inside you-“

            “But Bobbie,” Laura said frantically.  “It is dead?”

            Bobbie looked up at Frisco, and she was a little surprised at how much they both seemed to want this baby.  Of course they would want it, but…it surprised her a bit.

            “Laura, you’re still bleeding, I don’t think there’s a chance.  I’m sorry.”

            Laura looked over at Frisco.  “I’m sorry, Frisco, I’m sorry-“

            “Oh, shh, Laura, you have nothing to be sorry about.  It’s okay.  Don’t you worry about any thing but trying to heal yourself.  Our baby’s safe.”

            He brushed a strand of hair from her face and looked at her with love.  Bobbie couldn’t take her eyes off of it.  She’d heard Frisco was back in town and had been with Laura, but she didn’t expect this.  Laura kissed Frisco lightly, then moaned in pain.

            “It’s all right, Laura.  Just hold still,” Bobbie said.

            Holly came running through the doors.

            “Holly!” Laura yelped, reaching for her.

            “Laura, what’s wrong?  Oh my God, are you all right?”

            “She just miscarried, Holly,” Bobbie said.  “Now you’ll have to go for a minute, we have to do an ultrasound.”

            “Oh no,” Holly said sadly.  By the way Frisco was standing next to Laura and not Luke, she knew it was Frisco’s.  Of course it was Frisco’s.  “Don’t you worry, Laura.  It’ll be all right, I’ll call Luke-“


            Holly looked more seriously at Laura.  “Are you sure, he just would like to know you’re in the hospital-“

            “Oh why, so he can throw more mistakes in my face?  This baby wasn’t a mistake!”

            “Of course not…I won’t do anything but wait here for you, Laura.  Just breathe and try to get better.  I swear, Laura you’re gonna be fine.  Just take one breath at a time.  I’ll call Alex.”

            Bobbie sent Holly out of the room.  They did an ultrasound, and luckily, there was no remaining baby inside her body, so no surgery was needed.  The bleeding was slowing down, and Laura’s pain was as well.  Eventually, Laura and Frisco were alone. 

            “What was it, Laura?”

            “What was what?”

            She was still in great discomfort, emotionally and physically. 

            “Our baby, was it a boy or a girl?”

            She looked up at him.  “What would you have wanted it to be?”

            He smiled a little, tears in his eyes.  “A little girl.”

            “A third?”

            “Oh hell yes,” Frisco said. 

            Laura inhaled quickly, crying.  “I’m sorry,” she said.

            He held her.




            Frisco sat outside, his head in his hands, as he cried.  Bobbie rubbed his back.

            “Does Felicia know?” Bobbie asked.

            “Well, according to the fact that it happened three hours ago, no.  Laura’s what’s important right now,” Frisco snapped.

            “Of course, I was thinking about Laura.  Maybe you could try and minimize the pressure between Felicia and Laura.  I’m going to talk to Laura, with Holly and Alex.”

            He nodded.  Bobbie went and got Holly, as they proceeded into Laura’s room.  Holly took Laura’s hand.  Her big blue eyes opened, meeting her friends.

            “What’s wrong,” she said frightened.

            “Laura,” Bobbie said.  “You need to tell Luke.”

            Laura turned her head away from them.  “Think about it,” Bobbie pressured.  “What started your whole mess anyway?  You not telling him you had a child with somebody else.  You need to tell him.  Then tell him to go to hell if you want to, but you wanted him to stop the lies, prove it, don’t make him right.”

            “Do you have any idea what you’re asking me to go through?”

            “Yes,” Bobbie said.  “Don’t make the same mistake twice.”

            “She’s right, Laura,” Holly said.  “Tell Luke the truth, before he finds it out on his own.

            “But the whole town is gonna know and they’re gonna think I’m insane.  I wanted this baby, I love Frisco, and he loves me.  And he looks at me without pain or hate, just love.  I haven’t had that in years!”

            This surprised Bobbie even more, and Laura saw that. 

“Oh screw em honey,” Alex said.  “I’m going home to Pine Valley and then back to Budapest with my husband but I can’t leave with you thinking you’ve done anything wrong.  You think not telling Luke you had an affair with Stefan when you were being held prisoner and thought he was dead was bad?  Think about my sister who allowed Robert to believe she was dead, then seven years later showed up alive with his daughter!”

Laura smiled.  “Thanks Alex, I wish I had your strength.”

“You do.  And hell, if you love Frisco, there’s nothing wrong with that!  Luke’s been a wanker since he first found out.”

“But I know that I belong with Luke, God help me, and that Frisco needs to fix things with his daughter, and with Felicia.  But we wanted this child, and we are so in love.”

            Bobbie nodded, understanding.  “I’ve lost so many children,” Bobbie said.  “Before and after they were born.  I know what you’re going through, and I’m sorry.  But if you love my brother, tell him.”

            “All right, all right!  Later tonight, let me just get a little strength back, and be with Frisco.”



Four Hours Later


            Nikolas and Lucky had come to see Laura, even Stefan came by and checked on her.  She was thrilled about that.  Stefan was the father of her first child, in her heart, and even in her mind, if not biologically.  And at this point in time, she would prefer to fight with Stefan than Luke, and that was saying a lot!  Holly brushed out Laura’s thick blonde hair, and Laura, completely bored and trying to distract herself, put on make up and tried to talk to Holly about something without emotion.  Frisco said he’d be back in a little while.  Luke was on his way.

            “Holly, you don’t have to do this,” Laura said, still mourning her baby.

            “Oh where else would I be?  Robert’s going to come in a little while.  And Bobbie will come back after her other patients.  Alex is on her way home but promises to come back and visit soon.”

            “How’s it going with you two?  You and Robert.”
            “Well, I still love him, I always have.  We’re not back together or anything, but I know we love each other still.”

            “Did you ever think twenty years ago, this is where we’d be?”

            “Not in a million years.”

            Luke flew through the door.  “Laura, what happened?  Bobbie wouldn’t tell me on the phone.”

            Holly took the signal and left the room. 

            “Luke, sit down,” Laura said softly.

            He took her hand and sat down.  “Tell me, baby, what’s wrong?  Are you all right?”

            “There’s no easy way to tell you this.  I never intended for this to happen, and before you go on and on about how I betrayed you, look at how much pain I’m in myself.  I don’t need you blowing up and yelling at me.”

            “Okay,” he said quickly.  “Just tell me, you’re okay?”

            “I just lost a baby.”

            “You mean…you miscarried?”


            It took him a minute to digest this.  “Frisco’s?”

            “Yes.  I never intended for it to happen.  I didn’t even know I was pregnant until I was in this incredible pain, and then it was over.  I don’t expect you to understand.  But I just wanted to tell you that I lost this baby so that you would not feel I lied to you.  I don’t ever want to lie to you again, no matter how painful the truth is for either one of us.”

            Luke swallowed any of his own pain and kissed her hand.  “I’m sorry, angel.  Where is Frisco?”

            Laura looked up.  “Right behind you.”

            Luke turned around and saw him.  Laura felt trapped, she loved them both so much, and knew this was killing Luke, that someone else would be the one to comfort her.  Luke stood up slowly, and wanted so desperately to kill this man, but he didn’t.  With the look Frisco was giving him, he knew the feelings were mutual.  Laura laid her head back against the pillow.  Luke left, knowing this was Frisco’s place and knowing it killed him.  Frisco ran over and held her.

            Outside, Luke walked like a zombie.  Holly ran up to him.

            “Luke, let it go.  It’s over.  Don’t hate Laura.  She took a great chance telling you this truth.  Respect her for it.”

            He grabbed her.  “Holly, come with me, I don’t wanna be alone.”

            Without a second thought, Holly went with him.  They left together.



Two Weeks Later

9:57 PM


            Frisco took Laura out dancing.  He chose to sing to her, as they danced.  The people turned and watched them, their eyes dripping with love, passion, and lust.  He held her tightly, so tightly that almost every part of her body was meshed with his, as he sang to her.  His hands went up and down her back, pushing her against him.  She felt her body respond, her heart in happiness.  She loved him so much.  Frisco thought about the real difference between Felicia and Laura.  He then realized that when he made love to Felicia, he was making love to a girl, but when he made love to Laura, he was making love to a woman. 

            “If I had to live my life with out you near me, my days would only empty.  The nights would seem so long, you I see forever oh so clearly, I might’ve been in love before, but it never felt this strong.”

            She had tears in her eyes, her beautiful, flashing eyes.  He smiled at her, knowing nothing could ever compare to this.  God he loved her.  He loved Felicia, he did.  He belonged with Felicia, but he had never had this with Felicia, and although someday he knew he would be with Felicia again, he wasn’t sure he could let Laura go.

            “Our dreams are young and we both know, they’ll take us where we wanna go.  Hold me now, touch me now, I don’t wanna live without you.  Nothing’s gonna change my love for you.  You wanna know by now how much I love you, one thing you can be sure of, I’ll never ask for more than your love.  Nothing’s gonna change my love for you, you wanna know by how much I love you, go on and change my whole life through, but nothing’s gonna change my love for you.”

            He kissed her harshly on the lips, as they almost began to climb each other in front of everyone.  He pulled back, singing again, and she laughed, her hands all over him.  In the distance Felicia stood watching.  She hated Laura.  Oh how she hated Laura.  Her whole life was in Laura’s arms.  Tears fell down her face.  Luke came up behind her.

            “Felicia, what’s wrong?”

            She didn’t turn to Luke, as he looked over at Laura and Frisco.  They were so happy, so in love.  Luke’s heart froze.  Laura really had moved on.  His heart felt like a car had just ran over it.  Was this how Laura had felt when he’d so casually been intrigued with the woman standing beside him. 

            “That’s it!” Felicia said, running towards Frisco and Laura.

            Luke grabbed her though and pulled her back.  “Whoa whoa, hold it, Felicia.  Stop it.”

            “That slut is throwing herself-“

            “She’s not a slut!”

            Felicia looked at him like he’d lost his mind.  “Luke, what the hell is the matter with you?  She’s supposed to love you!  She told me you two made love again, and now she goes Frisco!”

            “She is not a slut.”

            Felicia laughed sarcastically, and turned towards the dance floor.  Luke grabbed her again and dragged her out of there.


            Later that night, Frisco and Laura began to make love, for what they both knew would probably be the last time.  He stood in front of her, gently cupping her face.  He caressed it, then moved to the back of her head, pulling her hair out of the ponytail, pulling the pins, letting them shatter across the floor.  Her hair came tumbling down, and he stroked it with his fingers, as her eyes were dark and seductive.  She let him untie the string around her neck that held her dress over her body, and it fell to her waist.  He turned her around, placing her in front of her full length mirror.  She watched him kiss her neck, touch her body, and the dress eventually slid the rest of the way down to the floor.  Her hair was long and wild, and he was as beautiful as ever.  He wrapped his arms around her, holding her.

            “I love you, Laura.”

            Holding her so tightly, never really wanting to let go. 

            “Witness the change, that’s coming over me.  We’re making love, what it’s supposed to be!  One tiny spark inside, is multiplied, swept up in the tide of tender feelings.  Love is so warm it glows, I’m so glad it shows, girl you’re young, making me believe in the night!  Whenever hearts collide, lovers are born, love is just like you and I, whenever hearts collide, new dreams are formed, dreams that explode in the night, whenever hearts collide, lovers are born, love is just like you and I.”

            Frisco reached out and pulled her hard against him.  He tipped her face up, his hand tangling into the mass of her silky blonde hair as he bent his head down to capture her cool lips against his burning ones.  He kissed her neck, and she turned around to give him better access.  She unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his torso as it became revealed to her.  She kissed his delicate skin, then lifted her head back up to sensually consume his mouth inside her own.    Continuing to touch her, lower and lower, he was trapped feeling her palms frantically pushing against his bare chest.  His other arm pushed her back against the wall, knocking her head with slight impact, but she didn’t care, it was erotic.  They entwined each other’s bodies, their hands laced as they both felt the tearing and blazing fires of untamed desire between them. 

“Frisco,” she said as he planted soft kisses all over her face, making her dizzy.

Her body seemed to weaken and strengthen by her desire at once.  With her completely naked, he lifted her into his arms, continuing to kiss her.  He laid her down on the bed, as their soon naked bodies touched each other and felt the need.  He was warm, hot, sexy.  Frisco Jones was so…male.  She felt his desire against her, and felt herself aching with as much need as he.  They tangled themselves in the sheets, falling to the floor, the sheets falling with them.  Her hair tickled his face as they kissed each other openly, sexually.  He moved his hands to her breasts, teasing the nipples and then taking one into his mouth.  He suckled hard, sending a dart through her.  She let the waves lick through her.  She used her delicate hand to find him, to touch him, over and over, tenderly.  He rolled on top of her, still kissing her, and then he whispered to her.

            “Frisco, I want to make love to you like it’s the last night of the world, I don’t want you to stop.”

            How could he resist?  He loved her so much that making love almost didn’t seem like enough to show her, but he wanted her.  He pulled her into his arms, and slipped inside her, kissing her lips harshly as they both moaned.  She felt her body respond and rise swiftly, then fall just as fast, only to be brought back up again.  The beautiful aching and the love that swirled between them as the passion exploded, receded, then built back up again, over and over.  She wrapped her arms around his neck, then pressing his body against hers tightly, almost too tightly.  His strong hands touched her pneumatically.  They paused momentarily, and she looked up into green eyes.  Her eyes searching, waiting.  He brushed the back of his hand against her face, and at that moment, she knew nothing was like this, and it never would be again.  Her mouth dropped open slightly in need.  She froze though, shaking a little. 

             “I love you.”


            Somewhere many houses away, Holly lied in Luke’s arms, and he really did love her.  He really was in love with Holly, he never fell out of love with her, and while he was making love to her, it was her.  Only her.  But at night he dreamed of Laura, and she was in another man’s arms.


Three Days Later

4:15 PM


            Laura was taking a walk by the river, and she heard screaming.  Laura ran down towards the water, and found Felicia hanging on to a rock, begging someone to help. 

            “Felicia!  Hang on!”

            Laura jumped down the hill and ran to Felicia’s rescue.  Laura made her way quickly through the freezing water and saw how pale Felicia was.  How she was beginning to pass out.  Her long blonde hair was stringy and tangled, her eyes puffy and red.  Laura’s strong arms grabbed Felicia, and just as she held Felicia’s body in her arms, Felicia passed out.

            Laura dragged Felicia out of the water, and collapsed extremely tired.  She tapped Felicia’s face lightly, and began unbuttoning Felicia’s soaked clothes and wrapping her in her own jacket.

            “Felicia, Felicia!” Laura called over and over.  “Oh please wake up, Felicia!”

            “Laura!” Bobbie yelled.

            “Bobbie!  Help me,” Laura called.

            Bobbie came running down the hill and fell to her knees to aid Felicia. 

            “Laura, you all right?” Bobbie said quickly.

            “Yeah, I was just walking and I heard her screaming and I pulled her out.  Did I do something wrong, Bobbie, is that why she passed out?”
            “Laura, you saved her.  You sure you’re all right?” Bobbie said, seeing Laura shaking and drenched.

            “I’m fine.”

            Bobbie tossed Laura her cell phone.  “Call an ambulance.”

            Bobbie touched Laura’s hand, then began to work on Felicia.


Four Hours Later


            Laura sat in the hospital, waiting for Frisco to show up.  She’d called him immediately, though she wondered if that was a mistake.  He came through the doors of General Hospital, and saw Laura soaked and shivering.  He ran towards her, holding her.  Bobbie didn’t miss that.  She tried to ignore it, but did Laura always have to win the men?

            “Laura, what happened?”

            “I’m fine, it’s Felicia.”

            “What?  Where is she?”

            Laura guided Frisco to Felicia’s hospital room, and Frisco froze.

            “Go on, go in, she needs you.  She’s always needed you.”

            Frisco walked slowly over to Felicia and brushed a strand of blonde hair out of her face.  She opened her eyes and saw him.  Her face filled with relief, and then she saw Laura.  Laura was smiling genuinely.  Laura turned to leave.


            Laura turned back to Felicia.

            “Thank you,” Felicia breathed.

            Laura smiled as best she could, and left them alone.  She walked over to Bobbie. 

            “Felicia will be fine, won’t she?”

            “Yes, thanks to you.”

            “You don’t approve of the feelings Frisco and I have for each other, do you?” Laura said.

            Bobbie smiled.  “I’m not one to judge, but it’s not that I don’t approve, it’s just back to the seventies.  You always win.”
            “I didn’t win.”
            Luke came through the hospital doors.


            “Laura!  What happened?”
            “I found Felicia in the water, and I dragged her out.  She’s fine.”

            “Are you?”


            “I’m gonna go see her-“

            “Oh no you’re not!”

            “I beg your pardon?”
            Laura grabbed his leather jacket and pulled him towards a chair.

            “Frisco’s in there.”

            “Frisco!  You let him see her?”
            “I called him.”
            “Luke, they have loved each other forever, she loves him.  He loves her.  You are not going to mess this up!”
            “We’re not married anymore, Laura, and I’m going-“

            “Oh no you’re not!  You are staying right here.  I may be a foot shorter than you, but I’m tougher than you know!”

            Bobbie smiled and looked back down at her files.  He sat down slowly, looking at her with suspicion.  Laura sat down next to him, clawing her head, trying not to scream with her frustration.  Luke smiled at that.

            “Shut up,” she said, not looking at him, but knowing he was smiling at her.      Bobbie smacked her lips together, if that wasn’t the truth. 

            “Would you like to leave,” Luke said.


            “Great,” Luke said, taking Laura’s arm and dragging her into the elevator.  “See ya soon, Barbara Jean.”

            Bobbie looked to see Laura’s furious yet in love face and Luke perfectly happy, and just sighed at the two of them. 

            “Wait!” Laura said, pulling Luke back out of the elevator.  “Wait just one minute, I have to tell Felicia something.”


            “Oh chill out Luke, we’re not gonna compare sex stories if that’s what you think.”

            Luke’s eyes widened in shock at her words.




            “Felicia, are you all right?” Frisco asked her.
            “Laura called you?”

            “Yeah.  She told me to get down here immediately.  I didn’t know you were hurt.  What happened?”

            “I don’t know.  I saw Maxie in the river, I jumped in and all of a sudden everything got real dark, and then I that Maxie was all in my imagination, and then I screamed.  I don’t know why I saw her.”

            “And Laura came?”

            “Yeah.  She pulled me out of the river, and I don’t remember what happened next.”

            He leaned over and touched her face tenderly.  “God, you’re so beautiful.”
            “I look terrible and you know it.”
            “Not at all.”  Her big blue eyes stared up at him.  “I’ll stay until you’re all right.”

            Just then Laura walked by and neither of them noticed.

            “You mean you’re gonna leave again?”
            “I have to,” Frisco said.

            “Of course.  You came back to be with Laura, but you can’t stay long enough…never mind.” 

            “Dammit Frisco,” a bitter voice said.

            All eyes turned towards Laura.  Luke and Bobbie heard outside and walked towards Felicia’s room.

            “What the hell is the matter with you?” Laura demanded.

            “You have a beautiful woman here that by some miracle loves you!” 

By this time Laura knew Luke and Bobbie were watching. 

“Why do you men have to go around chasing things pretending to be God!  You have a life here, your life is Felicia.  You don’t deserve her love, but you have it.  But you’re going to go and leave her again to go play some stupid game to show you have a penis!”

            Laura gripped her head with her hands, her long pale strands curling. 

            “Jesus Frisco, you came back.  You have two beautiful daughters.  You have Felicia.  I understand Felicia a lot better than you all think.  She loves you more than life, and every time you come back, she’s thrilled inside.  But you know what, pretty soon she’s gonna stop playing, she’s going to stop getting her hopes up that every time you return maybe you’ll love her enough to stay!”
            “I have always loved her-“ Frisco shot back.

            “Prove it!  For once pick her first!  Look at her, Frisco!  LOOK AT HER!”

            Frisco turned to look at the lady of his heart.  Tears were streaming down Laura’s face.  Luke realized Laura wasn’t just talking to Frisco.

            “Frisco, tell her the truth.  Tell her you want to be with her, and for once do what you want instead of trying to be bigger than life.  You are bigger than life when you’re with her.  And you know that.”
            Felicia was too dazed to be realizing what Laura was saying.  She acknowledged the words, but not who was saying them. 

            “Felicia needs to know that she’s more important than that.  Take her with you, Frisco, or stay.  Do what should’ve always been done, if you love her like you say you do.”

            Felicia stared at Laura with honest caring.  And gratitude.  Laura smiled back, wiped her tears, and turned around.  Luke was standing there with fear.  She shook her head and walked right past him. 



A Week Later

3:14 PM


            Laura played with Lulu.  She sat reading her stories, feeding her favorite foods, still amazed she’d learned to cook.  She missed Frisco.  They had gone their separate ways, but knew that not only had they found great passion between them, but a deep trust.  And she promised she would go to him, should she ever need anything.  But she wanted to see him, desperately.  Robert and Holly had just dropped by, she loved them both so much.  Monica called, and so did Lesley.  She loved so many people and was blessed.


            “Luke, hi.”

            God, now she realized she missed Luke a whole lot more!

            “How you feeling?”

            “I feel fine, Luke.”

            “You’re upset, why?”

            “Well, other than the fact that I lost my husband, an almost fiancée that just happened to be a Cassadine, and I lost an unborn child, I’m feeling on top of the world!”

            Lulu jumped into her father’s arms.  Laura watched and Luke whispered I love you to his daughter.  Lucky, Liz, and Nikolas came through the door.


            “Hi Mom,” he said embracing her.  “Hi Dad.”

            “Cowboy, how are you?”

            “Good.  Want me to take Lulu out for awhile?”

            Laura was curious.  “Uh, where would you go?  Hey Elizabeth, hi honey,” she said to Nikolas who hugged her.
            “I’ll get her some ice cream.”

            Lulu’s face lit up.  “Mom,” she pleaded.

            “All right,” Laura said smiling.

            Lucky threw Lesley Lu up in his arms and carried her out of the house.  Liz and Nikolas laughed and followed.

            Laura felt a little uneasy.  She was wearing normal blue jeans, and a long sleeved shirt with a square neck.  It was teal, and it snuggled close to her body.  She ran her hands up and down her legs and sat down.

            “Were you trying to get pregnant?”
            Laura looked up at him like he lost his mind.  “No.  I told you, I didn’t know I was pregnant until I miscarried.  But if you’re asking me to tell you I’m glad I lost my baby you can go to hell.”
            Luke ignored that.  “Bobbie says you were fine though, and you were, weren’t you?”

            “Yes.  I was fine.  Thank you for not losing it and punching Frisco or throwing every mistake I’ve ever made in my face.”

            Luke nodded.  “What do you miss most?”

            “I miss us.  I miss us fighting but happily fighting.”

            “Remember the time you came on to that guy at the parade, and I-“

            “Came in to kill me but instead you kissed me?”
            “Oh you do remember.”

            “Course I do.  I miss it.  I miss it when we were young and on the run all the time.  Did you ever notice that the only time we were happy was when we were on the run?”
            “Hey!  Those weren’t the only times, but I am glad you finally admitted the adventurer you are.”

            “No, I just meant…somehow when we were on the run, there was nothing to worry about.  Except our lives, but ya know, we never worried, did we?”

            “Not really.  Are you actually telling me you miss adventure?”

            She looked up at him, searching his eyes, almost smiling at the irony.

            “Why,” she said smiling.

            “Well, let’s just say there’s always a matter where you and I can do something good and the time is now.”

            She laughed, jumping up.  “Are you serious?”

            “Yes, and surprisingly Lucky and Liz wanna take care of Lulu.”

            Laura smiled again, looking at him suspiciously.  “You mean, you planned this?”

            “Well, not unless you said yes, but I didn’t even have to do anything, you said so before I even asked.”

            She got an enormous grin on her face.  She took his hands in hers.  “Okay.  You’re right.  But you’re…you’re serious?”

            “The Ice Princess is ours, Laura.  Let’s go get it.  And Helena can’t do anything else with it.”

            Laura rolled her eyes and jumped into his arms. 

            “The Ice Princess isn’t really what we need, we just need a goal when we go have another adventure,” Laura said and kissed him deeply.



Later That Night


            Laura had packed two bags, that’s all she was taking.  She’d called Elizabeth, overwhelmed her with little facts of Lulu, and Liz told her to chill out.  Laura laughed and told Liz how long it had been.  She heard the doorbell ring, and walked downstairs to greet Luke.  Her hair was down except for two large braids on each side of her head, which showed off the thick mass of hair that was left to surround her face.  She opened the door.


            Oh my God. 

            “You’re leaving?”

            “Who told you?”

            “Your sister.”

            “Oh, of course.  Um, yes, Luke and I are going to retrieve the Ice Princess.  Please don’t go spreading that around, not yet.”

            “I will miss you.”

            “How’s Felicia?”

            He smiled.  “She’s great.  So, you’re gonna take another shot of Luke, huh?”

            “Well, aren’t you with Felicia?”

            “You’re doing it by going on the run?”

            “Of course, don’t you know about Luke and Laura on the run?”

            They laughed a little, and she couldn’t deny how she felt.  He surprisingly bent down and kissed her.  It surprised her, but she responded, slowly wrapping her arms around him, kissing him back.  He suddenly pulled back, and placed a finger on her lips.

            “Don’t you forget that.”

            “Not in a million years.”

            “Drive with me, Laura.  I need you one more time, because I know once you’ve been with Luke, it’ll be over.  Come with me,” he held his hand out to her.

            She took it, craving it as much as he did.  They drove with the windows down, the fresh air blowing and making the night and the moment seem perfect.  She placed her hand on his thigh.

            “Pull over,” she whispered.

            “I was hoping you’d say that.”

            He pulled over the to the side of the road, and they managed to get in the back seat, before ripping clothes off with incredible lust, and he opened the side door to give them more room.  Her head fell out of the car as they made love.  His lips kissing her between her breasts, her arms completely wrapped around his head, hers hanging out the door.  It was the most sporadic love she’d felt in a long time.  She loved him so much, and in that moment, nothing else mattered.  She would never forget him. 



Two Weeks Later

11:22 PM


            “Laura, what are you doing!”

            “I’m trying to get inside the damn place, and you?”

            He grabbed her and made her get down lower.

            “It’s the middle of the night, Luke, let’s go.”
            “No, let’s go back to our hideout, now.”

            “You said you wanted the Ice Princess back, where’s Robert, why the hell didn’t we bring him?”

            “Maybe because he just got the hell away from the Cassadines.” 

            “Good point.”

            He grabbed the ponytail of her hair as she tried to stand up again.

            “Dammit, Laura.  Majorly cool down.”

            “Bite me, Luke.”

            He grabbed her chin.  “Now maybe it’s because you haven’t been on the run since we went to look for Lucky, but this is so different.”

            “I’m going in-“

            He grabbed her shoulders harshly, and she could feel the bruises forming.  He stared at her, furious that she wouldn’t listen to him, that she was so goddamned ridiculous.  She didn’t pull back, enjoying that she was driving him up the wall.  He then quickly, smothered his lips over hers.  Okay, she thought, this works.  Feeling that just kissing her wasn’t enough, he gripped her shoulders and drew her to him, she nearly dissolved as he binded her body against his, feeling completely overtaken, and she liked it.

            “You are so crazy,” she said softly, pulling back to look at him seductively.  “When do you suppose our lives are ever going to be normal?”

            He smiled, looking at her, her smile as big as his.  “Never!” they said together.

            “Laura, listen to me.  I have done more stupid things in these last few years than you will ever realize.  You need to know that my heart never stopped needing you.  Someone told me that you were at one point planning to move back to North Carolina.  At first I know I would’ve let you, you’re an adult, but did you really believe I’d actually allow you to do that?”

She smiled at him.  “You wouldn’t allow me?  Why are you always the big macho man?”
            “I beg your pardon!”
            “Can you even deny it?”

He ducked his head under one of her arms, and threw her up over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.  He carried her back to their waterfall from nearly twenty years ago, first Ice Princess adventure with Robert and Tiffany.  Luke jumped into the spring with her over his shoulder.  She yelled at him as they splashed.  He inched her shirt up over her head and threw it somewhere.  His large hands cupped her face and he looked at her with obsession.  She smiled a little, and then his burning lips met hers.  It was fire against ice.  Laura wrapped her arms around his back and they stood up, still kissing as the water splashed down their bodies.  The silky water slid over the glorious skin of her back, shining against the moonlight.  Her hair cascaded down her back, and glistened beautifully.

She didn’t open her lips, then complied slightly, letting his tenderly tease hers.  Her strong arms pushed his shirt away from his body, and she pulled him under the water.  It hit their bodies, refreshing and cool.  She was wearing a blue bra, and he kissed her, pushing her back to the edge of the spring with his pressure.  He then clasped her waist in both his hands, lifting her up a little to have better access to her, her feminine legs dangling.  They fell deeper into the water, and her grabbed her arms harshly, holding her steady so he could kiss her.  His lips trailed down her neck, dragging to her collarbone.  She playfully pulled back and tried to run.  He grabbed her arms and she turned around, laughing flirtatiously. 

“Felicia-” he said.

She immediately pulled back and slapped him.  He grabbed her hand like she’d lost her mind, and she ripped it free, moving out of the water.

“Laura, hold it!” he said grabbing her ankle and pulling her back into the water.

Her sundress half way off her body, her upper half left in the bra.
            “No, this vacation is over!”

“What the hell’s the matter with you?”

“Just other than you saying another woman’s name while I’m in your arms, nothing.”

She broke free of him, but he jumped up, catching her, pulled her face first into the spring.  She came up to the surface, and he cupped her face, as she continued to fight with him.

“Laura, if you’d SHUT THE HELL UP!”  She calmed down and looked at him with hate.  “I was trying to say before you had your little hissy fit, that Felicia was a mistake.”

Laura’s face tried not to smile.  “Oh,” she said feeling just a little bit stupid.

Luke kissed her again, his hands unhooking her bra from behind, then drawing his hands around her burning skin to her front to pull the bra away.  It sank underneath the water, and she tried to break free from his kiss.

“Luke…Luke, dammit…” she said through his kisses.


“That’s my only bra!”

She began dunking, and he just laughed at her.  She came back up, flipping her hair as she looked at him.

“What the hell are you laughing at?”

“Laura, it’s the middle of the night, we’ll find it in the morning, I think we were in the middle of something.”

“You expect me to run around without a bra -“

He kissed her again, almost breaking her face, and she relentlessly wrapped her arms around him.  He reached down, pulling one of her legs up, around his hip.  He backed her up against the wall, and pulled her legs around him, kissing her. 
            “Not again,” they heard someone say.

Luke and Laura shot up, seeing Robert Scorpio and Holly.  Laura crossed her arms, hiding her breasts, never remember feeling as embarrassed in her life.

“Um, hi.”

“Robert, do you think you could improve upon your timing?” Luke said, remembering in 1981 this situation happening at least three times a day.

“Sorry mate, thought we’d come and help you.  But I guess we picked a bad time.  I must say though Luke, you destroying my brother’s marriage and breaking the greatest thing you ever had, I’m thrilled you’ve finally gotten your head out of wherever it was!  I think I’d like a banana.”

“I think Laura would too,” Luke said.

Laura’s mouth dropped open and she bonked Luke in the head.

“Come on, let’s go.  We’ll come back in a few hours,” Holly said.

“Thank you, English,” Luke said to Holly.

They quietly left.  Luke looked back at her, and she burst out laughing herself.  But the night was far from over for them.  She tried to speak, but he shushed her with his mouth swallowing hers whole, as he lifted her out of the water and onto the ground, where he climbed on top her, smothering her beneath him.  After a matter of seconds of ridding the rest of their clothing, he pulled her up by her shoulders, yanking her towards him. 

“You need anything, you tell me.  You want me to stop, I’ll stop, you promise me you’ll tell me.”

She nodded.  “I promise, but I won’t need to stop,” she said closing his mouth with hers.

“Every inch of my body is in love with you,” he said, forcing her to look at him.

Luke ripped her body against his and then lied her down against the grass, and lifted one of her legs over his shoulder, kissing her inner thigh wetly, coolly.  He placed his hands on her hips, reaching over to kiss her lips tenderly, his body full impact against hers.


Two Days Later

11:04 AM


            Laura heard Luke talking to Holly about their past, and Holly asked Luke about Stefan, and why he lost it when he found out he and Laura had been in love.  Luke made a few comments that pissed Laura off, Luke said that she never loved Stefan, how could she?  It was just pity and desperation.  And that Frisco was just because she was lonely.

            “Fuck you!” Laura hissed under her breath.


            Laura jumped and turned to see Robert.  “Hi.”

            “Fuck who,” he said.

            Laura smiled.  “Luke, he still doesn’t accept the things I’ve done.”


            Laura nodded.  “And I’m not going to accept what he’s done unless he accepts what I’ve done!”

            Laura walked away furiously, and Robert wondered what the HELL was wrong with these two.  He walked around the corner of the jungle to see Luke and Holly talking.

            “Luke, what the hell is wrong with you?  Laura heard whatever the hell you just said about her and her relationship with Cassadine.  You can’t do that.  You can’t ask her to forgive you and then not accept what she’s done, spud.”

            “Where is she?”

            “Oh who the hell knows?  But before you go insane, maybe you should think about this for just a minute, let it enter your CEMENT head!”

            Luke was now as furious as Laura was, and he ran off to find her.  Robert threw his hands up in the air wondering why he even bothered to reason with his best friend. 


            Luke caught up with Laura and found her.  Running towards her, he grabbed her arm and turned her towards him. 



            “Don’t go ballistic on me-“

            “Shut up, Luke.  Why don’t you ever change?  Why don’t you EVER accept the possibility that maybe you’re wrong!”

            “Wrong?  Am I wrong?”

            “Yes.  Yes!  You are!”

            Passion flared in his eyes at her passion, and her integrity.  He had to have her, right now.  Luke ripped open her dress and watched it fall to the ground, she was wearing nothing beneath.  Her eyes were challenging and intense.  She sucked in a breath as his fingers trailed from her neck down between her breasts and towards her stomach.  He pressed his hands against her skin, branding it. 

            As Luke’s smoldering gaze raked her body, she reached out and tore his shirt over his head.  She touched his skin with fury and lust, making him lose control. In one swift move he grabbed her tightly and crushed his lips against hers, pushing his tongue into her mouth, not asking, but demanding, and taking. Laura kissed him back just as fiercely, until she could taste the slight tang of blood in her mouth. Their assault on each other’s mouths went on and on until they had used up all the oxygen between them. They broke apart panting for breath.

Luke lowered his head to ravage her neck and breasts with his lips and tongue as Laura feverishly unbuttoned his pants. Laura moaned as Luke ground his hard, powerful body against her soft curves. Luke dropped his head and found her nipple, teasing it with her tongue until it contracted and hardened. As her full lips nibbled on his shoulder, he playfully nipped her and used his tongue to make her moan out his name.

Luke lifted her up and thrust himself fully into her, making Laura clutch his shoulders and gasp as he filled her completely. “Yes,” she whispered to him. She wrapped her legs around him, throwing her head back in abandon. Her words inflamed him. His strokes were deep and strong, and Laura welcomed it. She wound her fingers into his skin and pulled his head back to kiss him deeply as he buried himself into her.

She trailed hot kisses all the way down his neck and bit him on the shoulder to urge him on. Laura could feel her orgasm start to build and she scraped his back with her nails as she felt the waves of ecstasy consume her. Reaching to hold her head with one hand, he brutally kissed her, which she kissed back with equal violence as the final thrusts went through in thick flames and they both weakened with their climax.  He held Laura for a few minutes then gently eased her down. Laura’s legs were so weak she sank to the ground.

“Did you want that,” he asked her.

Laura thought that was a dumb question.  “Gee, I’m not sure, could you tell?”  She ripped him to her, making him face her.  “I love you, but I am not going to be someone that you somehow doubt in ANY way.  All right?  I love you, I have always loved you, and we are not about to fight about the past any longer, and you are going to accept what I did, and that I may have loved someone else in my life than you!  And you can yell at me one more time and then we’ll move ON!  Is that clear?”

He loved her fury, because she was always right. 

“Very clear,” he said, skipping the argument and making love to her again.